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1.Taking a long hot bath with bubbles while watching PLL.
2. Making ridiculous plans with my best friend and laughing so hard that tears start falling
3. Reading a good romance book (I am not fond of movies, but I love books. Is it weird?)
4. Watching iiSuperwomanii videos
5. Going to the basketball games and cheering for my hometown team – ZALGIRIS!!! ZALIA BALTA ZALIA BALTA HEY HEY[tr. Zalgiris! Green, white, green, white, hey, hey!]
6. Being productive
7. Staying in pj’s all day and binge watching YouTube
8. Having late night conversations
9. Baking something from my head and it turns out amazing
10. Buying, making, wrapping and giving gifts to others

11. Making others laugh
12. Colouring in – I am looking at you, unfinished mandala!
13. Making slides and projects – something about it just makes me very happy
14. Watching movies with my little brother and a bowl of popcorn with butter
15. Taking photos of nature while having a long walk in the morning
16. Hiking
17. Making a project that requires a lot of hard work
18. Spending time with my mother over a cup of tea
19. Having a deep conversation with someone
20. Doing puzzles. I love puzzles a lot.

21. Watching rain. Inside of course.
22. Getting ready for a trip. Packing and all that organising.
23. Answering comments and getting into discussions
24. Watching ANY tv series that I find interesting
25. Scrolling through my timeline and getting lost in chats with other bloggers
26. Listening to Ed Sheeran and his heavenly voice
27. Writing a story that I had in mind for a long time
28. Going to a concert or a festival<
29. Getting up early and having a big cup of tea while watching sunrise
30. Ice skating late in the evening when there are only a few people

What do you love to do?

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