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In the blogging world, it’s all about going on, hustling and working your ass off while trying to maintain a social life. You have to constantly update your social media, keep up with the news, write new content, share that content, do many maintenance tasks, send a ton of emails and do many more side tasks all at once.

That’s blogger’s life.

But sometimes us, bloggers, need to stop and take a break. All this working non-stop isn’t good for your health. Also, life sometimes gets in a way and we get too overwhelmed to continue.

I always had a love hate relationship with blogging breaks.

I love how great they make me feel and how good they are for my mental health. But I hate how guilty they make me feel. I being a very work orientated person who gets off from being productive have trouble discharging myself from work and taking breaks.

However, I know that breaks are inevitable and super important if you’re a creative or entrepreneur.  So today I wanted to share with you few signs that scream ‘TAKE A BREAK, YO’.

Lo and behold, here are the signs you need to take a blogging break right now:

1. You’re not excited about your work

Once you start dreading rather than being excited about your blog, writing or overall work, you need to tell yourself to take a step back.

The majority of us started blogging because we love it, we love sharing our thoughts and we love writing. It’s our hobby or job. We love it and it should bring us joy.

Once you start feeling like it isn’t bringing you joy, that is the moment you overdrove yourself.

Once you start feeling like blogging isn't bringing you joy, that is the moment you overdrove yourself. Click To Tweet

2. You think your ideas suck or you have none

This is what most call ‘blogger’s block’. You start feeling like all of the ideas that you have or get are not good enough and are unworthy to be shared. Or worst of all, your head feels empty.

You can’t think of a single idea for your next blog post or Instagram post. Basically, you start doubting your creativeness and that it’s a horrible thing to experience.

3. You start making excuses for everything

This is the point where I personally start feeling like shit. The inner workaholic in me starts demanding that I do something productive and another inner me starts making excuses as to why I shouldn’t do anything.

This is how I end up wasting my days watching tv shows, movies, slouching and doing nothing that needs to be done.

Your brain starts talking you out of any blogging task or even house task because it just wants you to turn off and take a break. It will make a very valid excuse as to why you can’t write a blog post that you meant to write two days ago just to see you going into zombie mode in front of the tv.

4. You’re missing out on your personal life

I know you’ve been guilty of missing one or two social events because of blogging. Or maybe you can’t attend a single event or have a day without blogging about it or posting it all over your social media.

That is when you know, my friend, that you need to stop and take a break.

As bloggers, we feel the need to update social media and share everything that happens to us but there is a line to everything.

Feeling like every single thing is ‘bloggable’ is a sign of a potential burnout. You start caring more about a good photo than enjoying the moment with your friends or family.

5. You feel drained and tired all the time

The stage where you become a mess, basically. You don’t feel like getting up from your bed, dressing up or going anywhere.

Your mental health is at its lowest and it’s very likely that you got a breakdown or something along those lines.

In my case, I drown myself in crap food and excellent tv shows. I get no quality sleep, I do nothing and I still feel tired and drained.

Pin this to help out your fellow bloggers!5 Signs that clearly show that you need to take a blogging break immediately. Read more at www.thenerdyme.com

If you start experiencing one of these signs, it’s time to take a break from blogging (or any activity that you’re doing). I’ve been blogging for over two years and in that time I already took 3 breaks.

I shouldn’t be proud of so many breaks – which mean burnouts – but I’m happy that I noticed the signs and eventually took a break to save myself.

I really thought that I could work hard, hustle a lot and do it all without stopping but soon I came to the realization that I can’t do that. I burned out. I got a breakdown and completely zombied out in front of my tv.

I couldn’t bring myself to do anything blog or work related and I felt guilty as hell.

But after taking a break, I noticed how good I felt after that. I felt rejuvenated, reborn if you may. I’m inspired, motivated again and I intend on creating a kickass content on this blog.

When was the last time you took a blogging break?

Have you experienced a burnout?

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