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If you’ve been blogging for a while now, you’d probably know the feeling of absolute horror you get when you flashback to the time you started blogging.

Some of my first blog posts still make me cringe so much till this very day.

We as bloggers constantly learn new things and improve every single day, so it’s not surprising that we make a lot and I mean A LOT of mistakes during our journey.

So today I decided to bring you a blog post with the main mistakes bloggers make. All these can be applied to the beginners and to blogging experts. No matter where you are with your blog, chances are that you are making one of these mistakes.

Now I am going to be very straightforward because that’s the way I like to go, so bear with me!

Without further do, here are 3 main mistakes that bloggers make:

#1 – Making comments section too difficult for your readers

Let me be honest with you on this one, it irritates me so much when comment sections make me solve math problems to leave a comment. 9/10 times I don’t bother with it and chances are your readers too.

People are more likely to back away and leave your blog without commenting if they see:

a) that they need to register for some kind of platform

b) solve an equation

c) and then confirm that they are indeed human.

There is so much patience that one can have. If by chance the reader has a strong dislike towards math, it’s very likely that he won’t bother with the comment at all.

So if your blog doesn’t get as many comments as you’d want to, maybe the problem isn’t with your content but your comments section.

How do I fix this?

Simple, get rid of all those difficult commenting sections. I myself use Disqus and it does wonders! Super easy to navigate and doesn’t take up much time.

However, I know that Disqus isn’t a cup of tea for some, so stick to the platform that works the best for your blog but make sure that it isn’t difficult for your readers to navigate.

If you want to check what your reader needs to go through when leaving a comment, go to your own blog as a guest and try leaving a comment. You might be surprised by your findings.

3 Blogging mistakes you're possibly making and how to fix them now! www.thenerdyme.com

#2 – Comparing your blog to others

This is probably the most made mistake among bloggers. They tend to compare their blogs to others and in not so good way. It’s ridiculous to compare beginner’sΒ blog with, let’s say, famous blogger’s work.

It takes time to establish a good blog and through out the years you improve it bit by bit. So comparing your one year blog with 5 years old one is not a way to go.

You’ll most likely start losing confidence about yourself, your abilities. You’ll start feeling crappy about your work as a blogger and you’ll start wondering if you should just quit.

Trust me, been there, done that. That’s not a good place to be at during your blogging journey.

How do I fix this?

Stop looking at other blogs with envy or a feeling of competition. Blogging is not a competition. At least, it shouldn’t be.

So the next time you stumble on the blog which makes your heart ache of how pretty it is, try not to compare your blog with it. Instead, look at that blog as inspiration for your blog.

What it is what makes this blog so attractive to you? Maybe you can implement something to your blog to make it equally attractive to you.

These days I never compare my blog with others and think ‘how I wish my blog looked like this’. Instead, I analyse blogs and think of the ways I want to improve my blog if I am not entirely happy with how it looks.

#3 – Not interacting with your readers

The worst thing as a blogger you can do is not interacting with your audience. Those people are here to support you, they dedicate the time of their day to read your writings, leave comments and maybe even talk about your blog with others.

You need to interact with your audience to keep your blog alive.

So if you’re noticing a decrease in engagement on your blog and you can’t remember the last time you replied to a single comment, you are doing a crap job at interacting.

I’m not even going to apologize for this.

How do I fix this?

Start replying to the comments under your blog posts. If you get so many and can’t find time to reply to them all – I know the feeling – reply to at least few of them.

Let your readers know that you appreciate their effort and that they read your blog.

Say thanks for the retweets, tweet back, answer the comments under your Instagram, ask questions and have conversations with your audience. They are here for you so you should be here for them as well.

3 Blogging mistakes you're possibly making and how to fix them now! www.thenerdyme.com

That’s it! These 3 mistakes are the ones that should be avoided at all cost. I have many more mistakes stashed under my experience but I’ll share them next time. So do let me know if you’d love to read more about the mistakes I did during my blogging journey.

Have you ever made these mistakes?

What blogging mistakes have you made?


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