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mount sniezka in poland
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Hiking the highest mountain of Czech Republic | Karpacz – Snezka – Pec Pod Snezkou

Sněžka (Sniezka) is the highest peak in The Karkonosze Mountains (also known as the Giant Mountains) on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. It reaches 1603 m. above sea level and is a perfect spot for a day hike from both countries. When I started planning my trip to the Czech Republic, I …

7 Destination You Should Add To Your Europe Travel Wishlist! read more at
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7 Destinations To Add To Your Europe Travel Wishlist

Who’s up for some travel inspiration and a serious wanderlust boost? I hope you are because I’m about to introduce you to 7 destinations I think you should seriously consider adding to your travel wishlist if you haven’t already. In this post, I will be focusing on Europe as this is the only continent that I …