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Last Sunday we drove to the little town in Lithuania called Anykščiai. It is a very small town with lots of attractions for tourists. I have been to this town lots of times over the years and always had a superb time. This time, we decided to visit The Treetop Walking Path that was opened quite recently. It is about 300 meters long and the highest point is around 21 meters high. At the end of the path, you can climb up to the tower which seeks 36 meters high. 

I was a bit disappointed that from the path you can’t see much, only the tops of the trees. I expected it to be a bit higher, but the view still was quite a sight. And the highlight definitely was a tower at the end of the path. From up there you can see Šventoji River (tr. Saint River) that was frozen at this time and the beautiful view of The Pinewood of Anykščiai. 

The only thing that I regret is visiting this path now and not in a warmer weather. It was freezing cold and I just couldn’t enjoy the full experience and take pictures slowly. I had to be like one of those paparazzi – go, shot, go, shot. And on top of it, my camera ran out of battery in 30 minutes even though it was full. I guess, it just doesn’t work properly in cold weather. But I had a great time overall and hot tea at the end saved the day!


What have you been up to?

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