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When dazzling snow and gusty winds besiege Europe and days turn short and gloomy, you know it is time to pack your bags and book a flight to an enchanting tropical destination. Still, where can you find a warm spot off the beaten tourist track and savor your dash of summer during harsh winters in peace? Hail Africa, the mother of all warm-weather vacations: from Zanzibar, South Africa and Mozambique all the way to Kenya and Morocco, this fascinating continent is a true paradise on Earth. Here are top five African destinations to help you counter wintertime blues this year – I promise you will love them!

1. Zanzibar


In the midst of the Indian Ocean, slightly off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar offers a secluded getaway for lovers and romantics. A place where history marries sun-kissed beaches and local dishes boast palate-tingling flavours, the Zanzibar Archipelago is well-known for its spice, slave and ivory trading ties with Europe, Asia and Near East. With average temperatures of 28°C and warm sea water throughout the year, this part of Africa is home to some of the continent’s cleanest beaches, dhow safaris and spectacular diving spots characterised by colourful marine life and impressive coral formations.

2. Morocco



Up north, Morocco is an excellent destination for shopaholics and culture lovers. The country’s capital of Marrakesh is famous for its vibrant flea markets where you can haggle with local merchants and find handcrafted items worth a small fortune at an incredibly affordable price. The city also takes pride in rich historical heritage and numerous archaeological sites, so if you want to learn more about Morocco’s past, you should definitely check out the Majorelle gardens, Saadian Tombs and embark on a guided camel-borne exploration of the Sahara desert.

3. Mozambique


With pristine beaches, tropical climate and ample sunshine all the year round, Mozambique is another exotic African pearl worth checking out this winter. For a dose of diving and beach time fun, head over to Quirimbas or Bazaruto Archipelagos, where silky sands extend to the sea abounding in picturesque sights of underwater beauty. From modest backpacker’s lodgings to lavish hotels, accommodation in Mozambique is suited to all holiday-makers regardless of their trip budget. For longer stays, however, you can check out apartment and house rental deals available through, where you can also find valuable information on popular hotels and accommodation prices in the country’s capital of Maputo.

4. Kenyan beaches

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While away the winter glum on one of Kenya’s amazing beaches such as Watamu, Nyali, Vipingo and Diani Beach. With powdery sands sliding gently off into the turquoise waters, Kenyan palm-fringed beaches are a true sight for sore eyes – and a feast for all the senses, too. Kenya is an excellent place to embark on a wild kite-surfing or wave-shredding adventure, or try diving and snorkeling with an experienced instructor to inspect fascinating off-shore coral reefs up close. Check out this jam-packed article on 100 things to do in Kenya for more inspiration.

5. Beautiful Cape Town

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For a lesson on South Africa’s history, take a long walking tour of Cape Town. Here, you will be awed by a multitude of structural testaments dating back to the era of Omani reign and first daring voyages by European explorers. From Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, St George’s Cathedral and Long Street to the Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town Gardens and interesting museums such as District Six, Iziko and Bo-Kaap, you will be falling in love with the country’s heritage and culture at every corner. Winter has come, and temperatures are turning biting cold. Do not wait for blizzards to block you off from the civilisation – be your own Santa and get yourself a ticket to one of Africa’s warm destinations. After all, if you cannot beat Christmas blues, you can always bail yourself out – just find a place under the African sun and start packing!


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