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Last week I hopped on a train and went to a beautiful city, the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. Every time I go there I am left in awe of its beauty and busy nature. It’s so different from the town I live in. While Kaunas – the town I was born raised in – is more on a calm side and I’d even say is a town of students, Vilnius is all about business, work, shops, restaurant. Basically a Lithuanian version of NYC. I feel like I am going to a different country every time I go there. 

This time, we went to Vilnius simply for a pleasure. We had a looong – once we got back home we saw that we walked a solid 10km – walk around Old Town, saw a Christmas Tree which is gorgeous by the way and overall had a great time. I took a lot of photos and my fingers were freezing off. It was the coldest day so far this year which says a lot. I think it was -13°C or something. 

I thought I will share few pictures with you. It will mainly be architecture as I simply adore it. So be prepared to be wowed by beautiful buildings. And by the way, I turned 18 on January 2nd! YAY! I AM AN ADULT NOW. I do not feel like one and nor do I feel any kind of different. But I just want to thank you to those who actually remembered me and wished me a happy birthday. I am one of those people who appreciate it way more than any gifts. But I do am grateful for the wonderful things I got. So, THANK YOU PEOPLE! Now, let’s get to those photos, shall we?

How did your weekend go? I know it’s Monday and Mondays do suck, but cheer up and tackle it down like a boss!

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