Here is how to brainstorm 20 blog post ideas in 5 minutes!

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Brainstorming blog post ideas can be a bit challenging at times, especially if you don’t know where to start or where to look at. But I will reveal you a little secret – not so much of a secret really – I have never been out of ideas for my blog. I really hope that I haven’t just jinxed it.

Yes, I had few blogging breaks but those were because I was feeling overwhelmed or a bit not in a right state to focus on blogging. But believe me, when I say, I always had and have ideas of what kind of blog posts I could write. So how do I do it? How I always am full of ideas?

The answer is quite simple. I observe things a lot and I tend to carry around a little notebook with myself in which I always write down ideas that come to me. If you looked at it, you would find lots of bullet points, crossed lines with a bright green sharpie – this is how I keep track of ideas I have already used – and a lot of random words that probably wouldn’t make sense.

Now that you know what to look for in my bag to get some valuable content, let’s move on to the part where I teach you how I get these ideas and how you also can do it every day without spending a penny or a lot of time in your already busy day.

Here is how to brainstorm 20 blog post ideas in 5 minutes!

How To Easily Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas:

Brainstorming technique #1: Take A Look At Social Media

Never and, I’ll repeat once more, never doubt the power of social media. It’s one of the best places to get ideas for your future blog posts. After all, a bit of Twitter drama and a non-ending Pinterest resources can give a person a lot of inspiration. I sometimes read posts that have blog post ideas listed but I have to say that I’m not a fan of those. I much more prefer coming up with my own ideas that are authentic to me.

Plus, don’t know about you but I’m a bit tired of those ‘what’s in my bag’ or ‘favourites’ posts. Feel free to post those but I’ll be over here brainstorming 8 Reasons Why Clubbing And I Don’t Go Along or How To Talk Yourself Into Doing Work In 5 Easy Steps.

So get your notebook out and take a look at your social media. What topics are the most discussed now? What can you say about them? A week or so ago, there was this huge drama going on Twitter about Instagram and bloggers buying followers. Instead of participating in that drama, I managed to brainstorm 4 blog post ideas in less than a few minutes! I call this a successful unplanned brainstorming session.

Here’re few examples of the ideas I managed to brainstorm while looking trough social media platforms:

Brainstorming technique #2: Ask Yourself Questions

Probably the most effective way to get ideas for blog posts is to simply ask the right questions and try to answer them. The easiest way to do so is to simply sit down and start asking yourself questions like these:

  • What my readers care about?
  • What questions do I get asked a lot about?
  • What have I recently learned or discovered?

You should ask yourself at least 10 questions and try to find at least 2 answers to each of them. If you do your math correctly, by doing this you’ll have at least 20 brand new blog post ideas. Also, I love reading articles that suggest what kind of questions should I ask myself. I’ll link few of my favourite ones here:

Here is how to brainstorm 20 blog post ideas in 5 minutes!

Brainstorming technique #3: Observe Your Surroundings

I think a majority of my blog posts came from my observations of the surroundings and the environment I live in. Take a look around yourself, what you see? I bet there is something that could make a kickass blog post if you gave it a chance.

What do you see when you go to/from work or school? What event did you attend? What is happening in the world at the moment? Heck, how do some people behave in certain situations? Everything you see around you is a material waiting to be found and used for creative work. Don’t waste it and start observing!

To give a little push, I am going to give you few examples of the blog posts that were born simply by observing the world I live in.

  • Example no.1: I noticed that a lot of people can’t image their life without certain things that I actually don’t really care about. This realisation gave me an idea to write a blog post about 6 Things I Can’t Relate To.
  • Example no.2: Last summer I went to my first ever music festival and there were a lot of things I learned and discovered while being there, so this ignited an idea for 10 Things I Learned From Attending My First Music Festival.
  • Example no.3: Having a social anxiety disorder made me very aware of the things that people without such disorder didn’t quite understand, thus me deciding to clear the air with 5 Things You Need To Know About Social Anxiety.

Brainstorming technique #4: Take A Look At Your Calendar

This is the technique I use every month to make my creative work process easier and get some great ideas for blog posts that people would relate to. So what I do? I open a calendar with all those celebration dates and I search.

What days are coming soon? We all know the main ones like Christmas, Ester, July 4th and those serve amazingly when brainstorming for ideas. But what I suggest you do is take a look at those quirky, non-traditional celebrations like International Pancakes day or a World’s Let’s Clear The Wardrobe days. You’d be surprised how amazing are those for gaining inspiration for your future blog posts.

Few examples of mine include:

The best thing about these days is that they are very diverse. The International Day of Happiness is actually a very serious one and National That Sucks! day actually has a very interesting back story. So open that Google search bar and find an idea for your next fantastic blog post!

Here is how to brainstorm 20 blog post ideas in 5 minutes!

Brainstorming technique #5: Get Some Help & Guidance From Your Truly

If you are a bit lost on with your blog or if you are new to blogging and are not sure where to start with this whole brainstorming thing, I can help you. I currently have Blog Consulting services and I would like to help you out.

Don’t be quick to skip this paragraph. I know how annoying self-promotion might be, so I want to clear the air. I am not doing this to just get some sales and earn a lot of money – would be nice though – I want to actually help you.

If you want me to help you brainstorm ideas for a month’s worth of content or give you some guidelines as to where specifically you should look for them, you can book a General Consultation. For a very affordable price, I will make sure that you are left satisfied and excited with all the ideas that we both will manage to brainstorm for your blog.

If you need a bit of consulting about your niche and what blog posts you should write, I recommend getting a Niche Development package in which I will be your mentor and I will help you brainstorm all the ideas you need to get started with a new outlook on your blog.

Just for being amazing and reading this post, I am giving you -10$(US) off with this promo code: TNMTEAM. Just type the promo code in the notes section when booking a consultation and pay less. So what are you waiting for, book your consultation now and let’s get some work done!

P.S. 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

How do you brainstorm ideas?

What are the biggest struggles you face when trying to come up with blog post ideas?

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