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I am naturally a very curious person. So it isn’t surprising that I enjoy reading blog reports of other blogs and finding out how they are doing, where do they get their traffic from and how they are improving. Plus they are very helpful for bloggers like me who want to find out new techniques in growing blog and maintaining it in general terms. That’s why today I decided to share a report about how The Nerdy Me has been doing in the first quarter of 2017.

I think this will be not only a good way for me to reflect on the journey of TNM this year but to keep a record of how well my blogging goals are doing. So without a further do, let’s take a look at TNM blog report of Q1 2017.

Social media

Bloggers like to always stress the facts that numbers aren’t the most important thing when it comes to blogging. I agree with this. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t find numbers interesting and a way of reflection of how known the blog is. So here is how I’ve been doing social media vise:

Twitter | 1093 (January 1st) → 1337 (April 4th) | + 22.3% | Goal for 2017: 2000

Instagram | 718 (January 1st) → 1076 (April 4th) | + 49.8% | Goal for 2017: 1000 1500

Facebook page | 58 (January 1st) → 89 (April 4th) | + 53.4% | Goal for 2017: 100

Pinterest | 100 (January 1st) → 246 (April 4th) | + 146% | Goal for 2017: 300

Bloglovin’ | 444 (January 1s) → 547 (April 4th) | + 23.1% | Goal for 2017: 600

As you can see, I managed quite steadily grow my social media platforms. I even managed to reach my 2017 goal for Instagram which is amazing! I got a hang of Pinterest, I tried to increase Facebook Page following but it’s such a hard platform to do so. Fox next quarter, I want to focus more on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Blog traffic

Growing blog traffic is the hardest task to me. Yes, I gained a bit more traffic since my re-launch but it wasn’t as notable as it could be. I believe that my decision to go to 2 posts a week instead of 3 posts a week had a huge impact on that. However, I don’t feel comfortable getting back to the older schedule just now as I am not sure if I could produce good quality posts that often with all the uni work I have. I will eventually get back to it but not today.

All Time Pageviews | 32,915 (January 1st) → 42,261 (April 4th) | + 28.4% | Goal for 2017: 60,000

Now takes a look where all my traffic has been coming from since the beginning of January and till this very day.

Don’t pie charts make everything look way more professional and smarter than it really is?

Now you can see that majority of my blog traffic comes from social media with direct and referral sources not too far away. I really want to increase traffic from organic search and I’ve seen quite a big increase of it during the last two months, so maybe I’m on the right track.

Taking a look at social media sources, I finally started gaining a hang of Pinterest and I can see that it brings me more and more traffic every single month which is great. Twitter is my number one traffic sources as of right now. What I want to do more is play around with Instagram and Facebook to start gaining more traffic from those platforms.


This quarter wasn’t the best income vise and I practically wasn’t earning anything. Partly because I’ve been busy with university and didn’t have time to commit to any big projects. Partly because I started saying no more frequently to the offers I get. I only want to work with brands and companies that are genuine at what they do. So if being true to myself and this blog means me saying no to ten companies in a row, be it.

Sponsored posts – €40

Ads – €7.21

Total: €47.21

So this quarter I worked with one company and made a bit of income by advertising which isn’t so bad. As of right now, I am working on few projects and, hopefully, I will manage to increase my income soon with the help of those. Plus I just launched my blog consulting services which you can check out here!

Blog Report of Q1 2017 | All about blog traffic, social media and income! Read more at


All in all, this wasn’t a bad quarter at all. I managed to earn a bit of money, I increased my socials, I started a newsletter, and I launched my blog consulting services. I think I’m on a right track here.

I didn’t do anything extraordinary but I managed to write few quite good blog posts that I am proud of. I got an amazing response from you and that makes me extremely happy. So thank you!

Best of Q1 2017:

How this quarter treated you?

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