10 Personal and Blogging goals for 2017

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Since I quite failed with my goals for last year, why not give it another shot, eh? Yes, today I am sharing my goals that I intend to reach in 2017. I am quite disappointed with myself that I didn’t reach few personal goals that I aimed for last year but this year I am going to do everything I can to finally reach them. So here they are, 10 goals that I am aiming for!


  1. 60,000 pageviews. Last year I set 50,000 pageviews as a goal and I reached it according to Blogger statistics but with template changes, my Google Analytics code hasn’t worked about 3-4 months, so I don’t know the real number. However, I want to try and reach 60,000 pageviews by the end of the year in total. I have 30,000+ pageviews right now (GA stats), so basically I want to double them. I know that pageviews and all those stats are only numbers but those numbers make me happy in a way.
  2. Increase social media following: Twitter – 2k, Instagram – 1k, Pinterest – 300, Facebook – 100, Bloglovin’ – 600. I set some very unrealistic goals for myself last year but this time I tried to keep it real. If you want to help me reach my goal, feel free to follow me on all these social platforms.
  3. Join bloggers’ chats at least twice a month. I really enjoy these chats but either I am busy at the time when they ar happening or they don’t happen when I have time. I will try to get involved more in these chats as they are a great way to meet new bloggers and to gain some inspiration or motivation. Plus, they are really fun!
  4. Invest in photography equipment. I want to get a proper DSLR camera, lightening kit, few lenses and maybe take one or two courses. I love photography and I feel like there is so much to improve in my blogging photography. If you have any recommendations, hit me up!
  5. No less than 4 posts per month. My schedule got out of hand in autumn and winter. University takes up a lot of time, plus personal life activities. It seems like I don’t have enough time to blog nowadays and that is saddening because I love it so much. I won’t try to set a goal to post 2/3 times a week because I don’t know if I’ll be able to stick to it. I don’t want to neglect my blog anymore but I don’t want to promise anything to you or myself. I hate the feeling of disappointment.

10 Personal and Blogging goals for 2017


  1. Get that driving license and get a freaking car. My 2016 goal was to get a driving license but as you can see I failed at reaching it. I’ve been postponing it for the longest time. Partly because I am petrified and partly because I didn’t find the right time. Basically, I am a big cry baby who is scared of the idea of driving a car. I need to get over it and do it this year. In fact, I am going to do it this spring. Period.
  2. Go to at least 2 countries I haven’t been to. I set my goal to travel more last year, and I think I did quite well with it, I had so many trips in 2016, and I want to widen the circle of places I’ve been to more. I’ll be happy if I’ll manage to travel to 2 new countries I haven’t been to before. Does anyone want to invite me?
  3. Set aside 10 euros every week. I learned from my mistake, simply writing down ‘save money’ as a goal doesn’t really work, you need to tell yourself exactly how you are going to do that. If I’ll set aside 10 euros every week for a year, at the end of 2017 I’ll have 520 euros. That’s a nice amount of money for some trips in 2018 or a bit of money for my future flat’s rent.
  4. Take few online courses. I love the idea of improving your knowledge and learning new things or techniques, that’s why I want to take few online courses in 2017. Maybe a photoshop course or a web design one. Udemy has a huge sale going on right now on online courses, there are discounts up to -95%! I will try to snag few for myself. This is not a sponsored post, by the way. I genuinely wanted to share this information because I’m sure lots of you will find it useful.
  5. Find time for writing. I love writing short stories, creating scenarios in my head and planning plots for a storyline. I used to write so much in the summer and whenever I got free time until I started blogging and school got tough. I hope to get back into that hobby this year just for the sake of my creativity and happiness. It’s one of the best ways I can express myself and my ideas.

What are your goals for 2017?

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