Reflection of 2016 | Best of 2016 Jar by The Nerdy Me

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Hello, 2017!

What a better way to say a goodbye to 2016 than a post with the highlights of this year that everyone wished to be all over and done with. I know that 2016 has been chaotic, hectic and one hell of a rollercoaster for all of us, but looking on the bright side – this is me who we are talking about, of course, I will find a positive side – there are quite a few great things that happened during the last 365 days. Like the year before, I had a jar in which I collected all the beautiful and exciting moments that I am going to reflect on today. You can read the post about the last jar here to understand it all better.

I am not going to list ALL the things that I collected in this jar because it would take a lot of time and your patience that I don’t think we both can afford, so only the most important highlights, memories will be shared in this post. I noticed that this year’s jar was stuffed – literally – and I had trouble putting any more memories in during the last months of 2017… it was quite a year!

Reflection of 2016 | Best of 2016 Jar by The Nerdy Me


01.1: I graduated from school! It is still so surreal to me that I am no longer in school. I managed to get finish it with fairly good grades and get into the university I wanted which made me very happy.

01.2: I participated in 5km run! This was my first ever running event and I was so unprepared for it. I was dying but I loved the feeling of crossing the finish line and realising that I did it. Next step is 10km.

01.3: I stepped out of my comfort zone! I challenged myself so much in 2016 that I am still a bit amazed by it. I actually met up with a person I met online, I spoke with a lot of guys which was a big wow because I usually don’t it. I went on a blind date, I spoke with strangers, I did things I told myself I would never do because of how crazy they are. I stopped caring about what others think and opened up a lot, people who know me very well been telling me that I changed a lot since I left school, in a good way, of course. I just feel more free and happier.

Reflection of 2016 | Best of 2016 Jar by The Nerdy Me


02.1: I saw Imagine Dragons Live! It was the best thing ever. The whole concert was simply amazing and I enjoyed every second of it. I even blogged about it here. Simply amazing, can’t believe it happened.

02.2: Gabriella Lindley (velvetghOst) replayed to my tweet! AHHHHH. It was so unexpected and this kind of pinch-me moment. She replayed to me and even favourite few of my tweets. She’s amazing!

02.3: Lithuania came 9th on Eurovision! All Americans will be going whaaaaa. It is such a huge achievement for our small country and I want to say thank you once again to the wonderful and talented Donny Montell for representing our country and making us proud.


03.1: I went to my first ever music festival! It was wicked. I seriously can’t wait to attend even more this summer. I wrote a post about my experience there which you can read here. It’s a bit funny if I do say so myself.

03.2: I saw quite a few movies! I went to the cinema and watched 6 movies during the year which is so bad. I saw Inferno, Cannes Lions 2016, War Dogs, Between us boys, Allegiant, Doctor Strange.

03.3: I went to a lot of events! I went to a comedy show, three concerts (Imagine Dragons, M.Levickis, Colours of Bubbles), 4 basketball games and a lot of small town events that I mentioned in my weekly finds posts. It was a very cultural year for me indeed.

03.4: I went on 9 trips in 2016! This is seriously crazy. I have been travelling a lot this year and I am so incredibly happy that I am able to do that. I went on a road trip around Poland (read here, here, and here), had a spontaneous weekend getaway with my best friends to Palanga (read here), I visited Anykščiai, went to Vilnius, I tripped to Trakai with my best friends for a day, and even went on a road trip in Lithuania. Also, I went to Krakow with one of my best friends, I travelled to Berlin to visit Christmas markets and, lastly, I went to Gdansk for a week to visit my best friend. What a year.

Reflection of 2016 | Best of 2016 Jar by The Nerdy Me


04.1: I hit 10,000 and later on 50,000 pageviews! All these stats were hit while I still was on blogger but it still means a lot to me. So many people actually read the things I write about and it blows my mind. Thank you.

04.2: I got paid for my first blogging opportunity! Probably not so exciting for you but I actually managed to earn a bit of money by blogging this year and it is so rewarding in a way. I put a lot of money, time and effort in creating this blog, so it’s quite exciting that I can earn a bit of money by doing what I consider a hobby.

04.3: I collaborated with brands and people! I had an amazing collab with Cynical Dutchess which you can find here and worked with few amazing brands which makes me very happy and proud.

04.4: I re-launched my blog! Of course, I cannot exclude this one, I am sure you are all sick of hearing me say this over and over again. I migrated to WordPress, bought my own domain, went self-hosted, got a professional template and re-launched my blog. It was epic.

04.4: I hit 1k on Twitter! This is simply amazing and I cannot explain my gratitude to you, people who read my blog. Thank you for following, commenting, reaching out to me and simply reading my blog. You are the best.

What are your highlights of 2016?

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