Reflection on 2017! Looking through best memories of 2017 jar and sharing the highlights from my personal life. Read more at

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Is it really December ’17 or am I on a prank show?

Que for a real cliche question that I just need to use in this kind of blog post: where the time has gone?!

Now that we got that important part out, let’s talk about the things we gathered here for.

Another year passed by and I have another memories jar filled with the best memories of the year. If you are not familiar (I don’t know how you aren’t, but let it be), each year I create a memories jar in which I collect tickets, notes and other sentimental thingies with the highlights of the year (take a look at 2015, 2016). I managed to stuff this year’s jar with quite a few notes…

Like always, I won’t bother you with every little detail of my life because it would take a while, to say the least, and some things are just too personal or embarrassing to share. Just take a look at 2015’s jar 01.3 and you’ll understand what I’m on about… So I will only share the major highlights of my 2017 life. So, enjoy the trip down the memory lane!

01: Personal life

01.1: I volunteered a lot! I crossed one item out of my 101 things in 1001 days list and fell in love with it as well. I volunteered in an organizing committee of Spanish Days at my faculty, I volunteered in 3 events held by my university which were huge, I volunteered in World Congress of Semiotics for a week and I also spent a week in Vilnius volunteering in a marketing summer school for kids. All of this in a year!

01.2: I walked 50km in a day! My legs gave up and I felt like an actual zombie at the end of it but I did it. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and now I want to do more of it. Trekking and hiking is my thing. I love how great it makes you feel afterwards (after all the pain I mean) and how perfect it is for a little mind detox.

01.3: I stepped out of my comfort zone! And I did a lot of that this year. I joined two organisations that are definitely milestones for me. Me in a freaking organization? Where I have to interact with actual people? Pff, my 2015 self would have laughed at that. I also started doing a scientific research with one of the professors about geoengineering which is huge as well. I went on two youth exchanges and they were an awesome experience! I volunteered alone for a week as I mentioned before and if that’s not a big ass step out of my comfort zone then I don’t know what is.

02: Inner Fangirl Life

02.1: I met the author of probably the best Lithuanian blog,! There is something very motivating about meeting the person behind a blog you admire in real life and listen to him talk about the thing you’re passioned (which is blogging, obviously). It was probably that moment that actually got me thinking how badly I’d love to make a living as a writer or a freelancer.

02.2: I saw LP live! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen the flood of Instagram stories from the concert. LP is the queen of music, hands down. I still can’t believe how amazing she is and what a variety of people listen to her music. The last time I felt so passioned about someone’s performance was Ed Sheeran’s and that’s saying a lot.

02.3: Lilly Singh released a book! The purest human being, the unicorn of the world, the badass and the bawse herself a.k.a. iiSuperwomanii released a book called How To Be A Bawse and it changed the way I work forever. She’s a pure inspiration to me and I am so proud of everything she reached so far in her life. Team Super!

Reflection on 2017! Looking through best memories of 2017 jar and sharing the highlights from my personal life. Read more at

03: Cultural life

03.1: I went to events! That sounded weird… Anyways, I went to FuckUp Nights (must see!), I went to 3 basketball games, I saw 5 movies in the cinema (YOU NEED TO SEE JUMANJI!), I saw 2 plays and one musical, I went to A LOT of exhibitions and art galleries.

03.2: I saw some of the best music performances! I went to Granatos again this year which is a music festival in Lithuania for those who don’t know. In Granatos I listened to Ellie Goulding, Alan Walker, Kungs, and a lot of Lithuanian performers who didn’t leave me disappointed. I saw LP live. I saw Andrius Mamontovas (Lithuanian music artist) live and he blew my mind with how good of a performer and musician he is.

03.3: I travelled like crazy! I still can’t believe how much I travelled during 2017. It’s surreal. I went to Warsaw to visit my friend, I visited Krakow once again. I went to Copenhagen, Denmark, I went to Hungary where I visited Budapest and Debrecen. I went to Riga, Latvia with few of my uni friends. I went to Kosice, Slovakia and hiked in the High Tatras in Slovakia. I explored Lithuania and I think I know Vilnius centre like it’s my second home.

04: Blogging Life

04.1: I collaborated with brands! It feels like yesterday I received my first ever blogging opportunity. It still feels surreal now to see opportunities and emails from brands in my inbox. I collaborated with AHA (Lithuanian cereal brand), AromaGold coffee, tourism agencies, clothing and accessories companies to name a few. I am forever grateful for all the inquiry emails I get because of them…

04.2: I can call blogging my part-time job! Yes, thanks to all the brands, companies and you, dear reader, I can ear a bit of income. Blogging isn’t a free activity for me as it costs (hosting and other not so fun things) quite a bit and I’m happy to see that it’s not only bringing me joy but it also pays off. I can even travel more because of it!

04.3: I gained new connections and strengthened the old ones! I feel like I made so many friends through blogging and I don’t even know where I would be now if I hadn’t started blogging. Thank you to everyone who reads, visits and supports TNM. It means the world.

Reflection on 2017! Looking through best memories of 2017 jar and sharing the highlights from my personal life. Read more at

And that’s a wrap on 2017! I really do hope that this year brought you just as many wins as it did to me. A big thank you once again for sticking with me through another year. I hope I didn’t tire you with my inconsistent schedule… Blame uni and my stupid idea of wanting to step out of my comfort zone that led me to so many events and side activities, leaving less and less time for blogging.

Yep. I am blaming my comfort zone. Sue me.

Anywaaaays! Thanks again and cheers to 2018! Let’s make it even more exhilarating and wonderful.

What are your highlights of 2017?

p.s. expect a review of 2017 goals and a new set of goals for 2018 in the first week of January 😉

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