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Maintaining blog is a science and I’m here to teach you my take on it.

I get emails once in a while with questions like ‘how do you maintain your blog’, ‘how do you drive traffic to your blog’ or my personal favourite ‘how do you do it?!’, so to make it a bit easier for you to get insight on how I manage The Nerdy Me, I wrote a post How I Manage My Blog? | How To Keep Your Blog Alive and it became of my most popular posts in no time.

I only covered the basics of how I do it all in that post but it still in a way helped quite a few people. So I decided to make another post that will maybe help you to get a better understanding how to maintain a blog. Now let’s get one thing clear here. I am not an award-winning blogger who has millions of readers or makes thousands out of it. But I believe that having a good and well-maintained blog doesn’t require all of that. Also, I’d like to believe that I do a good enough job at maintaining my blog and constantly improving it.

If you want to learn how to:

  • Drive more traffic to your blog
  • Improve the quality of your content
  • Improve the performance of your blog

This blog post is perfect for you! So keep reading and I can guarantee that you will pick up a tip or two on how to make your blog better quality and performance vice today. Also, I’m giving away a FREE cheat sheet to help you improve your blog daily!

Quick Ways To Improve Your Blog Today | read more at www.thenerdyme.comHave you ever felt unmotivated or uninspired to write a new blog post? I know you did. These days are inevitable, and instead of moping around, binge-watching Netflix, and complaining on social media how you don’t have motivation today, you can preoccupy yourself with little tasks that will improve your blog and will make it a bit easier to navigate around. That’s why today I want to share with you few simple, easy to complete tasks that you can do on those not so glorious days.

To make it easier for you, I separated tasks, things you can do to improve your blog into three categories according to the time it takes to complete or do them. This way you can always refer back to this post and pick a task to do based on the time limit you have that day. I am smart, aren’t I?

So pin this post for a future reference, share it on your social media or send it to the blogger you know who would find this post helpful. I would really appreciate that and I’m sure it will come handy for you too. Don’t forget to download a free cheat sheet as well to start improving your blog now!

Quick Ways To Improve Your Blog Today | read more at www.thenerdyme.com


  • Schedule promotion tweets for the week. I use Buffer for this, you can use it for Facebook too.
  • Schedule Pins for the week. TailWind makes it easy to do.
  • Add Instagram feed widget below your header on in the footer. Use LightWidget for it. It’s free.
  • Update your photo on About me widget, page and social media accounts.
  • Add social media icons to your sidebar. Don’t forget Bloglovin’!
  • Add a contact form on your Contact page. Use Contact Form 7 for WordPress and Contact Form widget for Blogger.
  • Add search bar on your blog. Seriously, how a reader is supposed to find something on your blog without it?
  • Submit your blog to search engines. Use Google Webmaster, Bing.
  • Get SEO plugins for your blog. I personally love using Yoast.


  • Add social sharing buttons to your blog. SumoMe has good ones.
  • Check for any broken links and fix if there are any. You can use Domain Hunter + for it.
  • Add a cross-link of the new post to relevant older posts.
  • Clean out your sidebar. What your readers are really using or need to see?
  • Re-arrange or clean your tags, categories that you don’t use.
  • Schedule your blog posts for the next month.
  • Update About Me page. I’m sure something changed over the time in your life.
  • Add Most Popular Posts widget on your sidebar.
  • Install Disqus commenting platform on your blog. Much easier to work with than the regular ones.
  • Rename your images so that they’re SEO friendly.
  • Get rid of that archive thing. No one uses it that much, and it only takes up space on your sidebar.
  • Write a disclaimer page for your blog. You can never be too safe!


  • Re-read your 5 most popular posts: fix any grammar errors or broken links.
  • Update an old post: have your experience changed? Did you learn something new?
  • Create pinnable pictures for 3 old posts. I use Canva for all my pins.
  • Create a survey for your readers to find out what they think about your blog. On SurveyMonkey you can do it for free!
  • Start a mailing list and add opt-ins on your blog.
  • Create content upgrades: what can you offer for free to gain more mailing list subscribers?
  • Brainstorm for future blog posts or future improvements for your blog.
  • Write a START HERE page with your popular posts and a little navigation around the blog.
  • Get a new template. Take a look at Kotryna Bass or Pipdig for that.
  • Create FAQ page to answer all those questions that you get on daily basis. I need to do this myself too…
  • Buy your own domain. Makes all the difference, I’m telling you. I recommend Siteground for that.
  • Go through your old posts and add better keywords if possible.
  • Add larger and better quality photos to your old posts.

How will you improve your blog today?

Quick Ways To Improve Your Blog Today | read more at www.thenerdyme.com

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