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Today I decided to post something different. And pet peeves post came straight to my head. We all have them. Pet peeves are something nobody can escape, one way or another you will find out yours.

There many types and categories of pet peeves. But today I am going to share my 5 pet peeves in life (from all categories, types or whatever they are called). And just so you know, I have more but I think it would take 200 pages book to write them all down.

1.When people come to my room and don’t shut the door when they go out (I mean, seriously?). Is it that hard to shut the door while you going out? I used to get so frustrated with these type of people, it’s ridiculous. That little gap between door will drive me nuts, so please, shut my door properly.

2.I hate when people spoil movies before I even watch it or just before that certain action happens. Like can you not? I am trying to watch a movie and be all into it, but you are sitting right here grinning with that stupid smirk and blaring everything out like ‘OH, he will dump her!’, ‘She will come back from the dead, don’t worry‘. I WANT TO WORRY! Because that’s what you do when you watch a movie or tv series, you are supposed to empathize and get worried, damn it!

3.When people eat their food, leave empty packets wherever they’ve been eating and don’t throw them out. Don’t even let me get started on this one. I used to get angry as a bull at my brother for not throwing out his packets of chocolate and leaving it on the table to chill around.

4.People who assume. I could write a 5-page essay about this, but I am going to make this short for your sake: just because you saw, heard something doesn’t mean it’s true, real. Therefore, don’t go blaming, shaming people and making up ridiculous rumors, thank you.

5.Loud and fast chewing. How hard is it to keep it down and close your mouth properly? Also, please, eat your food while chewing the right amount of time and not devour it like it’s the last meal on the Earth.I assure you, the food won’t go running from you (if it does, you had a way to much of that drink, my friend).


These are the biggest pet peeves of mine. As I said earlier, I have waaay more (I am a very weird person, sorry).

Can you relate to these? If not, what are your pet peeves?

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