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You probably know (from all tweets and excitement in my blog posts) that recently I travelled to Cyprus. And it was more than amazing! Travelling is something I love to do, so whenever some troubles occur during my trips, I try to stay positive (‘try’ being a keyword) and remind myself that it doesn’t matter as long as I am able to travel and see the world.

I will be posting lots of posts with lots of pictures from my trip to Cyprus, and here is the first one of them. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them and re-living my experience.

Our plane landed in Cyprus around 3 p.m. and we were at our hotel at around 4 p.m. We stayed at Vrachia Beach Resort and it was a very lovely place. It wasn’t anything big and luxury as we never stay at places like that simply because we practically use hotels for breakfast and sleep. We aren’t one of those people who like to sit near the pool and enjoy hotel life. Naaaah, we are more on an adventure side, exploring, hiking, sightseeing all day and things like that.

On the first day, we didn’t do much as we were a bit tired and got lots of unpacking to do. So, we simply walked around the hotel, found a grocery shop nearby and took a walk around the beach.

The next day we started with a blast! We woke up at 9 a.m., went to have a breakfast (it was a Swedish table kind with few traditional cyprian dishes) and after arming up with lots of sunscreen, hats (which we bought from that local store) and maps we went to explore Paphos. It is a big coastal city in the south-west of Cyprus.

We went there by local bus and it was quite cheap. 1,5 € per person regardless at which stop you want to go off. We started our Paphos tour from the Harbour. It was a beautiful avenue beside the Mediterranean sea.

We visited an old castle of Paphos (4,5€ per person (a bit too pricey if you asked me)) and Kato Paphos Archaeological site (which was again 4,5€ per person but this one was more worthy than the castle).

You can see lots of mosaics, monuments, sites from the prehistoric period. It’s really a sign to see. It was a really hot day (around 31°C )and apparently, it isn’t very hot for local people. When we had a little chat with our hotel manager (he was a really friendly guy), he said that at August it’s around 36 – 40 and more °C.  I have no idea what to do in that kind of heat. We were sweating like pigs from only 29°C in Cyprus, I can’t imagine how hot it is in forty.

After all this sign seeing, we went around the harbour on a mini-trial to the beach. It wasn’t the nicest beach as there were lots of black seaweed, but it was a nice place to relax from all the walking we did.

We rented sun beds and an umbrella there. Two sunbeds and one umbrella cost 7,5€ for all day. Quite pricey if you are planning to stay only for an hour or so but if you desperately need a shadow from the sun, there is nothing you can do but to rent it.

We ate lunch before going to Paphos Archaeological site at a local cafe. I got an Oreo Shake (I mean, come on! Who doesn’t like some Oreo shake once in a while) and kebab with pita. It was two chicken skewers with a pita bread aside, a bit of salad and tzatziki dressing. I love that dressing so much!

After a long day, we went back home to our hotel, took some snacks and a bit of wine and went to sit on our balcony and enjoy a beautiful sunset in the sea. So, that’s how our first day went by! Next post will be coming soon about another day in Cyprus.

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Have you visited Cyprus? What have you visited? If you didn’t go, do you plan to?

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