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On the third day in Cyprus, we decided to rent a car. There are various rental services in Cyprus, but our main criteria was a price. We rented HONDA JAZZ as it was quite big and perfect size for us. For four days rent, we paid 200€ in total for this car. I wouldn’t say it’s very cheap, but it is definitely cheaper than the other options we had.

It was a bit hard for us driving a car as the roads in Cyprus are like in Great Britain, Japan, Australia, India, Indonesia and many more, on the left side. Quite a challenge for right-side people. Especially when the roads are very thin and have a lot of hills which aren’t very easy to drive in with simpler cars. Plus, the local drivers are a bit crazy with their driving, it’s really easy to get into the accident with the way they are driving (speed limit doesn’t exist for them, I swear).

So, after renting the car we decided to spend our day at Pafos Zoo which is apparently the first and biggest zoo in Cyprus. We couldn’t pass this opportunity now, could we?

The Zoo was the most expensive one I have ever been to! It was 15€ per person. I visited Praha’s Zoo (Czech Republic) and it was CZK 200 per person which is around 7,4€ and Frankfurt’s (Germany) was 10€. I am not talking about my country’s which is around 4€. It is expensive for sure.

The first thing we did – Parrot and Owl Show. Every day they hold parrot and owl show for everyone who attends Pafos zoo. I wasn’t expecting much from it, but boy did they surprised me! It was really fun and entertaining to watch.

There were two ladies who led the show. There was a parrot who laid down into the baby cart and other carted her! It was such a wonderful sign! Also, they showed us the smallest and the biggest owls. They even showed us an owl which apparently appeared in the first Harry Potter movie (and I couldn’t fangirl more, I mean, it’s a Hogwarts owl!). The show was an hour length.

In the end, they surprised us with a baby tiger! It was so adorable. People were able to take pictures with him and get them printed for 20€ (we didn’t do it, as you can see). But hey! I got a free photo here 🙂

After this amazing show, we started walking around the zoo. We were lucky as the weather wasn’t as hot as it was the other days. It was around 26 degrees Celsius in the shadow. But it was still pretty hot in the sun.

We saw so many animals and birds while walking. There were lots that we have already seen (what every zoo has) but there were also few that I had never seen and was very excited to see. I was the most excited about kangaroos. I love them! There were traditional ones and white ones which looked quite weird but cute nevertheless.

Also, they had small elephants!!! I have never seen an elephant is a real life, so it was a very interesting experience. After a bit of walking, we stopped for the ice cream (delicious!) and a breather.

The thing which I loved about this zoo is that there are many birds and animals that can walk freely in the zoo territory. Peacocks, ants, pheasants, pelicans, goatlings and much more were walking around with people and it was wonderful! They weren’t caged and it is really important for this kind of animals and birds.

There was a Reptile house which I wasn’t very excited about. I am really not fond of reptiles like snakes and spiders, they give me creeps and make me uncomfortable. I have a turtle as a pet, but it is very different from other reptiles. Turtles are nice and cute. Snakes and spiders not so much. And it didn’t help my anxiety as all terrariums of snakes were so close to me.

There was literally about 60cm wide path between them. I turned a bit to the left and there was a ginormous python and I turned my head to other side and right there staring at me was some small very green snake right beside the glass. I seriously was thinking of running out of these and screaming my lungs out.

Aside from Reptile House, I really enjoyed our stop at Pafos Zoo. It wasn’t very big, it says it is more than 100.000sq.m. There was a big playground for kids but all rides and slides very hot from the sun and there weren’t many kids playing as it was quite hot for energic activity. There also was a Cactus Garden with lots of different cactuses.

After the zoo, we went to eat lunch and relax by the pool (it was THAT hot that we decided to sit by the pool, I mean since when do we do it?!). Then we cooked dinner and again after picking some snacks and a bottle of wine, went to sit on our balcony and enjoy a beautiful sea scenery with sunset.

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It’s not over, guys! More posts from Cyprus will be coming soon 🙂

Do you like going to the zoo? What animals do you like the most?

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