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Our fourth day started with me standing in front of the mirror and checking all the burns that I got. It hurt like a b-word, not going to lie. But hey! If it’s what it takes to get a little bit of the tan on my pale skin, so be it!

The morning went like any other day, we got up, got breakfast, ate and got ready to explore Cyprus once again. This time we decided to visit Tombs of The Kings near Paphos. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s a really big necropolis filled with lots of tombs. It was a burial place for all aristocrats of Cyprus. It dates back to 4th century BC. The most interesting fact about it was that the tombs are carved from the solid rock. It must have been a really long process of creating such tombs.

The entrance to Tombs of The Kings is 2,5€ per person and this is probably the best price from all sightseeing that we did. It wasn’t very pricey, but I would have paid more if it was more expensive because it is worth a visit for sure.

So, we walked into a big field full of tombs. There weren’t many trees, so the sun was toasting us alright. It was hot, way too hot. We had a big bottle of water with us that we wouldn’t get dehydrated.

 There were 8 tombs in total (at least we only found 8…) and we looked them all in about 3 hours or so. It was a very interesting place. There were many columns (like from the greek culture) that made you feel like you are in roman times. 

Every tomb had many this kind of holes in the walls in which people were buried. Holes aren’t very big, I’d say about the 1,5m length and very thin. Almost all tombs had a well. There was a tomb in that was a sacrificial table (which is a bit terrifying). Also, few worship places for Gods. 

I suggest you to visiting this place if you will ever go to this side of Cyprus, it’s really a wonderful place to see. There are beautiful places for a photo shoot (if you fancy something like that) and just an interesting place for those who are fascinated by history.

 After walking through everything we were pretty exhausted as the heat was unbearable, so we hopped into our car and drove to the nearest restaurant to snack something. In this kind of heat, you don’t want to eat anything (and it is very weird for me as I love food), so we stocked with salads, sandwiches and overall dishes that didn’t involve meat. 

 And then we drove back to our hotel to take a nap because everyone was in need of that! Later on, we went to the beach and just spent time together. Of course, we ended the day with our wine, cheese and a beautiful sunset.

Do you like historic places? Are you a lover of heat or not?  

P.S. Series aren’t over yet, so don’t worry! Also, I am staying at the cabin in the forest for a week or so and there are no mobile, the internet or any other connection. But I will read all your comments and answer them as soon as I get back.

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