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The time has come for an update on my personal and blog goals, resolutions I have set for myself for 2016. I won’t bother talking about how fast time runs and all that jazz but I am sure all of you are aware that it indeed RUNS. So, without further do, let’s see how I have been doing for the first half of the year!


1. 50,000 pageviews. Well, turns out that the goal that I called not a possible one turned out to be the first one I actually reached. I hit 50,000 pageviews mark on 31st of May according to Blogger stats. Now, these aren’t very accurate but I’m still pretty pumped. My Google Analytics show that I have around 20,000 pageviews but the thing is that it wasn’t counting stats for over 5 months from my blog from August till November and from January till February. Because silly me forgot to re-install it while changing templates and all. So, I basically lost the real count of pageviews and readers because of my stupidity. But I’m hoping that I’ll hit 50,000 pageviews mark on analytics too this year. Fingers crossed!

2. 1000 followers on Bloglovin’. To be completely honest with you, I am not sure if I’ll be able to hit this milestone this year but I’ll for sure try to. Now I have 340-something followers on my blog and it has been growing very very slowly. Not going to be upset if I won’t hit it but I will still try to reach this goal.

3. Buy my own domain. I said that this year will be the year I purchase my own domain and I’m sticking by it. I haven’t done that yet. But it’s a work in progress.

4. Re-launch blog. Work in progress too.

5. Attend bloggers event. Bummed that I wasn’t able to attend an event yet but I’m hoping to do that this summer. I just wish that events weren’t only in USA or UK and that plane tickets were cheaper.

6. Learn more about SEO. I haven’t started learning properly about SEO but I have picked bits and bops while blogging and trying to reach a bigger audience. I am hoping to get to learn and experiment more in summer.

7. Post more regularly. I said that I want to stick to posting 3 posts per week and so far I am nailing it! I don’t think I ever posted less than 3 posts per week since the beginning of 2016 and I am so proud of myself. I found out that trying to come up with original and great ideas so frequently is quite challenging but it also lets me be more creative and gives me a way of expressing myself which is very important. And even now, when I have exams and lots of revision going on, I still managed to post 3 times. That I am proud of.

8. Get involved in bloggers chat at least once a week. I was getting involved in so many chats in the beginning but now I just stopped. I either don’t find the time or the time zone gets in a way. But when all the exams will be over, I’ll try to stick to this goal as much as I would be able to.

9. Post once a day on Instagram. I am a horrible person. I suck at sticking with daily posting. I either don’t have anything interesting to share or I forget. But since I started hosting #JustYouJune challenge with Lauren on Instagram, I’ve been posting daily without an exception. I am hoping that this challenge will make a habit for me and I will actually be posting daily on Instagram at the end of the year.

10. Provide ONLY the best content I can come up with. I can only say that I am really trying to make the best I can with this blog. Yes, there are days when I am feeling super tired or unmotivated to do anything but I try to pick myself up and do what needs to be done. And the only judge of the content I have been proving for the last 6 months are you, my readers. So, have I been posting a good enough content for you?


1. Be more confident. I have become more confident over these few months for sure. I didn’t put myself down as I used to and I started behaving like a proud person too. I still need to work on it as I am not 100% confident and I still let my head fall down when walking through a big crowd. This is a work in progress.

2. Fight that social anxiety down. Another work in progress. I think that I handled my social anxiety quite good since New Years. I haven’t got a massive panic attack in a while now and that I am super happy about. But I still need to work a lot on this and learn to do things that others find normal but for me, they give so much stress and fear that I end up not doing what I should be doing. For example, answering a call from unknown number.

3. Get into university I will want to go. All this enrollment process will be in July, so I’ll keep you updated. Now I only need to do good on my exams to be able to get into the one I am wishing for.

4. GET AN IDEA OF WHAT I WANT TO DO ONCE SCHOOL’S DONE. So I’ll be lying if I said that I am 100% sure of what I want to do. The school is over and I still am a bit unsure, but that’s okay. I have study program in mind that I’d like to study and if I get in, good for me. If not, I’ll just take a gap year and travel or work on my blog more.

5. Get a driving license. No matter how not excited I am about this, I’ll start driving lessons in July. Wish me luck. I’m going to need a lot of it. Speaking of, Book Learn Pass* is a great website for those who are learning driving now. You can learn theory, get some tips, book a driving lesson near you and much more!

6. Travel more. This is the part I am most excited about! I am making this resolution happen no matter what it takes. I’m going on a road trip next week and after that, I am going to travel to Poland as well, visit few cities and Tatra mountains. And after this, I am hoping to visit few more places this summer.

7. Save some money, yo! I am the worst when it comes to saving. I’ve been struggling a lot with this goal of mine. I haven’t saved enough to buy the things that I need to get. So, I’m looking for a summer job to get some money and finally buy myself a proper camera, tripod and a laptop. I know, I want too much… But it’s possible!

8. Get a credit card. Now I am sorry for being a total idiot and making my goal to get a credit card when actually in mind I had a debit card. Please, excuse me and my stupidity that decides to rise once in a while. I actually ordered one this week and I should get it next Wednesday, so hello online shopping!

9. Try out video making. I think I made too many goals for myself. I filmed footage for few videos but I haven’t got time to actually sit down and edit it, so I think this doesn’t really count. But I’ll try to do that over the summer.

10. Stay on the positive side. This one I have been nailing! It’s so much easier and better to just stay on the positive side and ignore the negative. Trust me, life becomes not even easier but more beautiful as well 🙂


How are you doing with your goals, resolutions?

Do you feel like this summer is going to be your time?

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