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HELLO! How have you been doing my fine friends? I hope the weather is good to you and you aren’t melting like I am. So, I decided to make few posts about my Poland road trip instead of one. I hope you don’t mind and will find them as interesting as I find them too.

The first thing we visited in our Poland road trip was a beautiful capital – Warsaw. The first stop in Warsaw was a Copernicus Science Centre. It’s a big centre where everyone can observe, explore, experiment, ask questions and seek answers by themselves. It’s a great spot for all, youngsters and elders, who want to see how a tornado works or how the most incredible experiments were made. We had an incredible time there and so much fun!

The only downside was that we had to wait like about 1 hour till we got the tickets. There were so many visitors that they stopped the ticket sale and we had to stand in the line and wait till they will be able to let us in. So, we waited. For a good hour, might I add. And I am not even kidding, we actually stood in place for an hour / 60 minutes / 3600 seconds so we could be let in. It’s ridiculous.

We bought a family ticket that was 72 Zloty which is around 16.15 Euro. A normal ticket costs 27 Zloty (6.06 euro) and a half-price ticket for a student/child/pensioner costs 18 Zloty (4.04 euro).

Copernicus Science Centre


Working Hours: 

Tuesday – Friday8AM – 6 PM
Saturday – Sunday10AM – 7PM

+48 22 596 41 00 
Adress: Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20, 00-390 Warszawa, Poland

After a long long walk around this ginormous centre, we checked in into our apartment. We booked not a hotel but an actual apartment since it’s way cheaper and has a lot more space. Plus, it feels more like home and that’s always good. We paid 240 Zloty for our one night stay which is about 53.84 euro and that’s a pretty good deal considered how close we were to the Old Town. The apartment wasn’t very big but it was spacious enough and we had no problems with it. I actually was a bit obsessed with the kitchen tiles and took a lot of photos of them. You just can’t pass the opportunity of a beautiful tiles photo for Instagram!

After few minutes of rest, we changed our attire and went for a walk in the beautiful old town of Warsaw. I couldn’t stop taking photos of its beauty and the weather was very kind to us. It was sunny and pretty warm. One thing you must do is try their ice cream that is sold on basically every corner there is. It’s this big swirled ice cream in a cone that costs only 5 Zloty! It’s about 1.20 euro. Can you believe it?! As huge as this cone is would probably cost at least 2 euros in my country! I had trouble consuming it all. Best ice cream I had in a while. 

Now I will let the photographs do all the talking since I don’t even know what to say more. If you plan on visiting Poland, definitely make a stop at Warsaw. It’s a real beauty. Also, the ice cream is super cheap, what more can you ask for?

You can also book a free walking tour of Warsaw here if you prefer to get more insight about the place for the locals.

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Have you ever been to Poland? Are you planning to?

How much do you pay for a big cone of ice cream?

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