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Writing straight from the tent in the middle of the woods near a beautiful lake. Hashtag blogger’s life.

Hello! I hope you aren’t mad at me for once again almost missing a post. I have been so disorganised that it’s getting ridiculous. But I am doing my best right now to get this post written and ready for today. And that’s why I am typing from a tent while camping. Give me an award or something. 

Now let’s proceed to the important part and let’s talk about our next stop in Poland road trip which is Krakow! We didn’t have much time to explore this beautiful town, only half a day but I feel like we did a decent job at it with this less time.

I heard a lot about Krakow’s old town and it’s also is a part of UNESCO, so a lot of expectations were happening. And boy did they were fulfilled! I said that Warsaw was a beauty but Krakow took it to another level. The main cathedral and streets of the old town were mesmerising and super capturing. Couldn’t stop taking photos and aw’ing at every corner or building.

It’s a must visit city in Poland, so you better not miss it if you decide to explore Poland one day. One thing that I must note is that parking spot is hard to find around old town, so be ready to walk a bit. But asides from that, Krakow is a true beauty and I’ll let you decide yourselves if it’s worth the hype by sharing these photos. Enjoy!

Also, you can book a free walking tour of Krakow here.

Have you visited Poland?

What is the most beautiful town you have ever visited?

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