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More than two weeks ago I went on a Poland road trip with my familia and I had an incredible time. We visited Warsaw, Krakow which I already covered in the last two travel posts. Now it’s time to talk about the main thing that made us pack our bags and go on this little road trip. The Tatra Mountains. On the second day of our trip, we have arrived at Zakopane, where we stayed 3 days/2 nights. I will talk more about our stay there in the next post, now let’s focus on the hiking part.

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There are a lot of traces for hiking in these mountains and one day is not enough for sure. For our first hike in the Tatra we chose a trail that is only about 12 kilometres long. We have hiked before, so we did know that we are signing up for. But boy, we were wrong.

We decided to hike the whole trail from the lowest point to the highest which means that we were going up the whole hike. And that took a lot of energy. There were few stops along the way where you could take a breather, snack or take a toilet break (ALWAYS TAKE A TOILET BREAK!). Somewhere in the middle of the hike we reached this beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. We couldn’t stop ourselves from making a stop and sitting a bit near it.

The thing that broke us emotionally and mentally was when we looked up where will we go hiking next after this lake stop. The hill was so freaking steep!! I can’t even explain to you. I was not ready for that. And I was right. I thought that I’ll die in the middle of these mountains. Not a bad place to be buried at, now that I think so. But finally we reached the top and it was the most rewarding feeling ever!

I was wrong to think that the worst part of the trail is over because right as we hiked down, we realised that the last up of over 2 kilometres is waiting for us. And it was even higher than the one before. I died to put it simply. We left my brother and father to hike themselves forward so that I and my mother could hike at our pace slowly while making a hundred stops along the way. We hiked maybe 30 metres and took a stop to catch our breath and let our hearts’ race go back to normal. And then we went another 30-40 metres and took a stop again. And so on and on. It was super challenging and nothing I have experienced before.

But we managed to hike on top and I swear all I wanted to do was fall down and sleep. But the view made it all worth it. Incredible. Simply incredible.

We had a choice to hike about 12-11 kilometres down but decided to use a cable car to do so since we had no energy what so ever. We had a mishap there as well since their card machine was broken and we didn’t have enough cash and the cashier didn’t seem fazed at all about this. He was like it’s not my business. Like, come on!! Good thing that a lovely polish couple decided to help us out and exchanged our euros to zlots. Good to know that the world still has good people in it.

Overall, this hike was unforgettable for sure and I am hoping to visit more of The Tatra Mountains next year. Definitely worth all the energy and almost tears. Heard that Slovakia’s side of Tatra Mountains is even more beautiful, so maybe we’ll visit it the next time. Now here’re a few facts about our hike to create a better image for you:

The length: around 12 km

Time spent: 5-6 hours

The highest point: 1,987 m

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