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One of the best ways to experience a new place and its culture is food tasting. I can already imagine fellow food lovers nodding along.  So after living more than 3 weeks in Budapest, I decided that enough is enough: we need to try Hungarian cuisine. This is where BiteMojo came along and made sure we do just right that.

What is BiteMojo Food Tour?

In a nutshell, it’s a self-guided and app-based food and walking tour. There are 11 major cities across Europe, Asia and the Middle East that offer food tour at the moment. The best thing is that all the tours are created with the help of locals and cuisine experts, so you can get an ultimate experience of that culture and its variety of food. The price varies from 25 to 35 euros depending on your choice of the city and type of tour. Each tour includes 5-6 bites/food spots that you will explore.

Sounds great but how does BiteMojo app work?

That’s a great question! First things first, you need to download BiteMojo app into your phone (works on all devices!) and then simply sign up. After that, you can scroll through the list of cities and their offered tours until you decide on the one you like the most. You can purchase a food tour for yourself or for more people if you aren’t travelling alone, so you don’t need to have separate accounts for separate people.

Once you made the purchase, simply download the tour to your phone and start exploring the city! The tour will not only include the bites, but also points of interest that are recommended to check out along the way. You will be guided by the map on the app on which you can read more about the bites and points of interest. That’s a great way to learn a thing or two about the city’s history. All you need is your phone and enough internet data to collect the bites.

Another great thing about BiteMojo app is that you can use the tour within 6 months of your purchase. So there is no rush to visit all the spots in one day. If you didn’t get to finish the tour, you can continue it the next day. It’s advisable to start the tour early in your city visit, just in case you would need to pause it. But if you won’t be able to finish the tour in time, you can always exchange those unused bites into BiteMojo credits and use those for other bites/tours in the future. Great, isn’t it?

My Experience with BiteMojo Food Tour

Budapest has two options for food tours: The Trendy and Night & The city food tours. The Trendy food tour focuses more on traditional cuisine and dishes while Night & The City food tour is more of a pub-crawling type of tour as you would have guessed from the title. It is heavily based on drinks and offer 5 bites in total.

I opted for The Trendy Budapest food tour as it was more up my street and had a nice balance between drinks and dishes. One thing that I noticed straight away is that the tour itself is scattered all around the Jewish quarter which I had no idea even existed in Budapest. So that was a great first impression of the app, I was already discovering something new in the city.

The starting point of the tour was Madách Imre Square, so that’s where we went with an empty stomach and a camera in hand.

Bite 1 – Juicy + Budapest Bagel

We passed through Madach Imre gates and walked along the street which was surrounded by many little cafes and restaurants. As we walked by, I read out loud ‘Discover’ option on the app that gave us a bit of the background about the square and our first bite – Juicy.

Juicy in Budapest

It is a tiny shop on the left side of the street, so you need to keep an eye for it or you’ll accidentally pass it. The shop itself has a very lovely interior and a great selection of the menu in both Hungarian and English. We were greeted by a young staff that was very friendly and helpful. For our bite, we had to choose a bottle of pressed juice from the fridge.

All of them looked too good and so healthy, that we spent a few minutes trying to decide what we wanted. I opted for exotic fruits mix which had mango, pineapple and peach if I’m not mistaken. There were also green juice and all kinds of vegan food options that had me drolling just by the look of them.

The juice itself was very refreshing and had a perfect mix of sweet and sour. After taking a few mandatory photos, we started walking to the next spot while sipping our juices. I’ll be definitely coming back!

Jewish quarter in Budapest, bitemojo Jewish quarter in Budapest

Bite 2 – Cupákos

As we were walking to our second food stop, we passed a lovely street, that was more like an alleyway, filled with restaurants, cafes and craft shops. It was such a charming place to discover and it’s definitely something I’ll recommend to check out to anyone who goes to Budapest. We also saw the Kazinczy Street Synagogue that is apparently a beautiful sign from the inside but we had an empty stomach to fill and our second stop, Cupákos, was just a corner away, so we skipped on that.

First thing I noticed about Cupákos restaurant was their interior. It had such a nice vibe to it that I just couldn’t pass without taking a photo. We went inside, showed the app for the waiter who gave us an option for the bite: sausage or liver pate. After deciding on sausage, we took a seat outside facing the street and waited for our bite.

Restaurant Cupakos in BudapestCupakos restaurant in BudapestRestaurant Cupakos in Budapest - food tour reviewBitemojo food tour: Cupakos

I must say, it was probably my favourite bite of all. We were served a glass of beer and plate with pork sausage, pickled vegetables, mustard sauce and two slices of sourdough bread. Everything tasted so good and I didn’t want to leave the place. The sourdough bread was some of the best ones I’ve ever tasted. I’m already planning on buying it from the bakery that specialises in them and supplies the restaurant. Overall, it is a very cosy place to grab a bite either solo or with a group of friends. So glad that we discovered it!

Bite 3 – Klauzal Cafe

We were pretty filled after our second bite, so we decided to take our time exploring points of interest on the way to the 3rd food spot. The Jewish quarter kept surprising me as we passed even more charming streets and discovered Budapest Makery. Latter is a DIY style restaurant which gives you an access to all the ingredients and instructions for the meal of your choice and you can cook it yourself. How cool! I think it would be a nice group activity for a birthday party.

Another interesting food place we passed was called KonyvBar & Restaurant. The whole menu there is based on a book! Every month the owners renew the menu inspired by a certain book. Just imagine eating dishes from Harry Potter or Alice in the Wonderland. I’ll need to go back there one day, for sure.

Trendy Budapest food and walking tourguylas at Klauzal cafe in Budapest

After a bit of wandering, we reached Klauzal Cafe, a real representation of grandma’s house, in a good way. It felt so welcoming inside and the atmosphere reminded me of those little villages in the mountains. The cafe offers traditional Hungarian dishes and we had two options to chose from for our bite: a bowl of gulyás or fish soup.

I decided to go with gulyás since it’s praised by locals and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a bit too spicy and hot for such a hot day outside (it was around 26 degrees Celsius). But I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Bite 4 – Veritas Winebar

Oh, the joy of wine! I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the 4th food stop. Veritas Winebar offers a huge collection of wines and it looked like a lovely place to spend the evening with your friends. After showing the app to the waiter, we got a selection of Hungarian wines and tapas. We got three glasses of wine: white, rose and Merlot red wine. For the tapas, we got a selection of 3 bread slices with different toppings: beef tartar, liver pate and fish pate.

Wine tasting at Veritas winebarVeritas wine bar in Budapest - Food tour

I loved the wine, especially the white one but the tapas weren’t very impressive. Probably because I’m quite a picky eater when it comes to meat and fish. All in all, Veritas was a pleasant experience. Shout out to a lovely waitress who explained more to us about the tapas and selection of wines. After this bite, you sure will leave with a slight buzz, so that’s why we left this bite for the end of our tour. Breaking the rules, aren’t I?

Bite 5 – Strudel Hugo

The 5th bite is a little store on the corner of Kertesz and Wesselenyi streets. It specializes in strudel making, that’s why they only sell strudel and a small selection of coffees. Once you come in, you can see a huge display of strudel filled with cherries, curd, poppyseeds and many more.

Strudel Hugo in Budapest

However, when we showed the app to the barista, she welcomed us with a confused look. Apparently, she didn’t know about the app, so she had to call her manager or co-worker (we weren’t sure) to check up. After waiting good 5 minutes, the barista let us chose strudel of our choice. Unfortunately, there weren’t many options left as it was an evening, so I opted for rice pudding one with chocolate.

Since the barista wasn’t informed about the existence of the app, she didn’t give us a cup of espresso which was included in the bite. I didn’t mind really as I don’t drink espresso. However, for someone who enjoys it, it would be quite a downside.

Bite 6 – Anyám Szerint

The last stop of our food tour was a little family cafe called Anyám Szerint. Apparently, that translates into “my mom thinks” which instantly gives us an impression that the place will be just like the mother’s house. The whole interior of the place looks very warm and has this vintage doll house vibe to it which I loved.

The bite itself was a piece of cake from the daily menu. We chose cheesecake with caramel sauce on top and it was the best piece of cake I’ve eaten in Budapest so far. The texture was very smooth and the cake was simply delicious. I would most definitely recommend to check the place out if you ever find yourself wandering around the Jewish quarter.

Budapest food tour at bitemojo Example of a bite for bitemojo food tour

Is it worth it?

100% yes. All the bites were interesting to try and some of them instantly became my favourites. Also, I loved that the app showed us not only the food spots but also some monuments and points of interest that I will most likely check out during my stay in Budapest.

At the end of each bite, you can rate the quality of the bite, the interest of it and the staff. For that, you get bonus bite credits that you can use in the future to get free bites. How cool is that?!

Some of the downsides are lack of knowledge about the app from the staff’s side in some places. You have to be prepared to explain to waiters what it is you want from them or even ask them to check that with their managers. I think it’s more of the cafe, restaurant kind of problem than BiteMojo app as it is managers that don’t enlighten staff about the collaboration.

Also, you are required to have at least a minimum internet data to claim the bite. Majority of the places don’t have a wifi connection, so you are on your own at this point. But it wasn’t a problem for us as I had internet on my phone. Just keep that in mind if you don’t have it while travelling to other countries.

All in all, I think the tour is worth the price and it gives you more than enough to explore and taste in a day. We were stuffed at the end of the day!

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