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Yes, this is the last post of my series about the trip to Cyprus! (Nooooo). I am quite sad, it’s over. I felt like re-living all my trip in these posts and now that it’s over, I feel sad all over again. But enough with depressing notes and let’s get to the very last post!

Today, to end the series, I decided to write you a post about all the facts and tips that I learned while being in Cyprus. Take it as a fun little overview of my trip. 

1. Legal age in Cyprus is 17. Yes, it’s very weird and unusual. I was quite surprised when I found out. 

2. Half of Cyprus belongs to Turkey and you need passports to go there. So, if you thinking of going to that side, keep in mind that you will need passports and maybe something more.

3. It’s not the cheapest place. As you may already know from my posts, Cyprus can get quite expensive. Sites, monuments, and exhibitions will surely make your pocket a bit thinner.

4. The best time to go to Cyprus is from early spring to the end of June or from mid-autumn. DON’T GO DURING JULY AND AUGUST if you don’t like heat. It can get over 40 degrees Celsius.

5. Bring water everywhere. It’s very important as it’s very hot climate and you need to stay hydrated.

6. It’s Aphrodite’s Island. Be prepared to hear, see everything related to Aphrodite and other Gods. 

7. Food is amazing. Don’t hesitate and try as much traditional food as you can. There is Meze for that. It’s a big serving for at least 2 people with lots of traditional food. You get snacks, meat meals, seafood dishes, dessert – in total over 30 dishes to try out. It’s a very big one, so you better be very hungry before ordering Meze. 

8. Beaches aren’t very sandy. It’s usually rocks and gravel. So, be prepared. There are few sandy beaches near bigger hotels (5 stars hotels and all).

9. Car rent is expensive, but it’s necessary. Rent a car and drive around Cyprus, you won’t be disappointed. Beautiful scenery, landscapes and little villages.

10. Speaking of cars, the roads are on the left side in Cyprus. And local drivers can be a bit crazy. Stay safe and better drive slower than faster. Locals are very understanding and won’t bother you, so don’t be nervous about people beeping at you.

11. Rental cars have different car plates. They are red color while locals have white colored ones. It’s very good for locals as they instantly know who is driving and will stay safer that way.

12. Visit Troodos Mountains. We didn’t as we haven’t got enough time but if you have time, do it. You won’t get disappointed. Also, Kykkos monastery that is on top of the mountains. It says it has a spectacular view.

13. Cyprus nightlife is crazy. If you are that kind of person and enjoy nightlife – Cyprus is for you. So many pubs, clubs are open. Cocktails, music, drinks and new people, everything that you may need.

14. Watch a sunset into a sea at least once. It’s a wonderful sight! The sky gets very red and orange that makes it 10 times better.

15. Sun goes down very early. At 8 p.m. and rises at about 6 a.m.

16. It’s very humid at night. So, if you thinking of leaving your towels to dry on your balcony, don’t bother. You will most likely wake up and find them wetter than they have been before drying (been there, trust me). If you want to dry them, leave them outside at daytime or inside at night.

17. Palm trees are everywhere! If you a huge lover of those trees then you will feel like you are in heaven.

18. The national language in Cyprus is greek. But almost everyone can speak English there (a result of being one of England’s colonies back then). So, don’t worry if you get lost – an old lady from the small village will most likely speak English and help you.

19. People are very friendly and most likely help you out if you will need help. Everywhere we went people were so polite and welcoming. So, you don’t need to worry about feeling uncomfortable.

20. If you love a British accent and handsome guys, this place is for you. It’s like a second Great Britain but with a tropical twist.

What did you love reading about the most from my trip? Do you consider going to Cyprus now?

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