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So you’re going to the music festival but don’t know where to start with your packing list? Let me help you.

Trust me, you never want to pack for a festival without a little bit of preparation. It never works out well. You either end up not packing the most important things or overpacking too much. So having a little bit of festival packing experience, I decided to write the full list of things that you WILL need at your next festival.

Here it is, an ultimate music festival packing list that will help you conquer the festival like a pro.

Festival essentials:


This might sound so obvious but, trust me, you really don’t want to show up at the festival gates and realise that you forgot your ticket at home.

Money & card

As far as I know, a festival ticket doesn’t include free food and drinks, so you better have some money on you if you want your tummy happy. Have a bit of cash and a card for emergencies. Just don’t forget to have them stashed somewhere by your side at all times for extra safety.


If you have the same problem as me, looking like a damn 14 years old, don’t forget to take your ID. We want no problems when buying a drink after standing a line worth the length of a new Apple device launch.


Festivals are huge and you are bound to get lost or get separated from your friends. This is where your phone will come in handy. Also, use your phone as your camera for capturing moments. I personally prefer to leave my camera at home, so I wouldn’t need to worry about carrying it around all the time (it’s heavy and I’m not down for it) and worrying that someone might steal it. It’s festival and, unfortunately, there are still some people who use them as a chance to steal things.

Portable charger

So your phone won’t die when you get separated from your friends. Plus, no phone lasts 3 days without charging. Nokia times are long gone.

Ultimate music festival packing list



Camping is an evitable part of music festivals and I love that about them. So make sure to a tent with you (well, unless you got yourself one day ticket or one of those fancy campers). I would suggest having a tent which is big enough for you to sit up in. It’s no fun sliding into those tiny tents and trying to change your clothes while laying down. Trust me on that.

Also, I would suggest taking a bigger tent and sharing it with your friends. This way you’ll save some space and it will be more fun.

Sleeping bag

A proper sleeping bag is that you want to go for. Unless you like freezing your ass off while sleeping. Make sure the zip is working, it is warm enough and comfortable to sleep in.

Sleeping mat / Air Mattress

This is a must! Get yourself so thick sleeping mat so you won’t feel like sleeping on the ground all the time. Or even better, opt for an air mattress and sleep like a queen/king.

I’ve always been an air mattress kind of gal, they are just so much better than the thickest sleeping mats. So if you’re like me and you need at least few hours of great sleep to function, get yourself an air mattress. Don’t forget the pump as well!


The best option here would be to get an inflatable pillow as it’s easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space. For me, that’s a big no. I simply can’t sleep on that thing, it’s too hard for my liking. That’s why I always take a travel pillow or a small pillow. SO MUCH BETTER.

Remember, it’s better to be made fun of by your friends for taking a real pillow but well-rested than being grumpy as hell because you didn’t catch those much-needed z’s.

Light torches

Take some light torches. Seriously. They will do just great when you’ll need to walk to the toilet in the middle of the night or when you’ll need to find your tent. Plus, it’s a good idea to have a tent torch that can be your source of light when it’s dark but you still don’t want to go to sleep and much rather chat with your friends.

Bin bags

Bin bags are so underrated, it’s ridiculous. Always take a few with you because they are very versatile. You can use them as a base near the front of your tent, so you don’t bring dirt inside. You can use them on your shoes if don’t want to get them wet and dirty in the rainy weather (yes, you’d be surprised by how many people do that in the festivals). Or you can use them as, you know, bin bags and be a nice human being by not littering the ground.

Foldable blanket

Great for sitting down and watching a performance when your legs can’t physically hold you anymore. Or for a midnight picnic.


So old school but so useful. Hang them all around your tent, so you can spot in the dark. You might think it’s easy to find your tent, but try it in the dark when all the tents look the same and chances are there are some identical ones out there. I like these ones! You can go for the balloon or a flag if you prefer.

Duck Tape

I’m talking ripped bin bags, air mattresses, a rip in the tent, shoes that are about to fall apart and emergency DIYs.


So people are lucky to fall asleep in any environment. Some not so much. If you’re part of latter, you might not be too fond of blasting music, neighbours who decided to pump their air mattress at 4 in the morning while arguing (real story) when you desperately want to fall asleep.

Camping chair (optional)

This is a hard decision I have to make before every festival. I love sitting on camping chairs, especially in nature, but damn, it’s a pain to carry it around. Naturally, I back down from taking it to festivals (any other occasion of camping? Hell yeah to the camping chair!).

It’s your choice to make if you think the hassle is worth it.

Ultimate packing list for music festival | www.thenerdyme.com


Cold box (optional)

Food at the festivals is more than expensive. I’m not even talking about alcohol. A cold box is a good alternative if you want to save some money. It will keep your booze, water and food cool during the festival. Or you could just skip it and enjoy the warm water.

Reusable water bottle

To keep yourself hydrated. Your festival morning self will thank you. Chilly’s Bottles are a great option if you want to keep your water cold for the whole day.


Repeat after me. Sandwiches are fun, sandwiches are cool, sandwiches will save my broke self. At least for the first day. Or the first hour. While building the tent.


Again, it’s better to bring some water bottles to the festival than pay 2 euros for 0.5l bottles at the festival.

Energy or cereal bars

It’s good for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. The options are endless!


Toilet paper

Do I need to explain?

Wet wipes

After a music festival, you kind of start worshipping the wonderful invention of wet wipes. Bring a few packs, just in case you won’t feel like queuing for the shower.

Small towel

Try microfibre towels as they dry very quickly and don’t take up much space. This one by Big Jim is a perfect choice!


This is essential. Your tent neighbour will thank you.

Dry shampoo

How people survived before dry shampoo, I have no freaking idea. You can never go wrong with a bit of dry shampoo on your 3rd day at the festival.

Toothbrush + Toothpaste

Pretty self-explanatory.


Don’t make the mistake I did last year by forgetting the suncream. Sunburn is not only uncomfortable but makes even the happiest person a grumpy cat. Plus, sunburnt is not the look you want to go for at the festival.

Ultimate packing list for music festival | www.thenerdyme.com

Clothing & accessories:

Wellies & welly socks

Keep your legs mud-free and enjoy the festival without wanting to kill someone for splashing your beloved trainers and legs with mud or rainwater.

Sneakers or trainers

No time for high heels or sandals. This is a festival! Take sneakers or trainers that you don’t mind getting dirty. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Disposable rain ponchos

They will keep you dry during the rain. I recommend checking Terra Hiker ones. Don’t even bother with an umbrella. Some festivals have banned them and quite frankly, I applaud them for this decision. It’s no fun trying to watch your favourite artist performing when all you see is the umbrella of the person standing in front of you. Always think about others and respect them.


So you don’t end up squinting from the sun in the photos and for hiding your tired eyes.


You really don’t want to get a sunstroke. Plus it makes you look cool and even hides your 2nd-day hair. I go for a snapback but you go for whatever floats your boat as long as it shades your head from the direct sunlight.


Great alternative to the hat if used correctly. Also, it can be used as an accessory, a top or a hundred other different uses.


You can never know how hot can it be.

A crossbody bag / A bum bag

Apparently, bum bags are back in fashion. I am still not feeling it but if you are, by no means I am stopping you from rocking that festival themed bum bag. I personally go for a crossbody bag to keep my all personal belongings safe.

A warm sweater / Hoodie

It can get a bit cold at nighttime. So take a very comfortable sweater or hoodie to keep yourself warm.


No better clothing option than shorts. Don’t bother with skirts.

T-shirts / Tops

Not even going to explain this one. Just try packing the funkiest and lightest ones if it’s going to be hot.

Leggings / Sweatpants

Perfect for sleeping in the tent or wandering around the territory at 5 in the morning.

Other necessities (Socks, underwear)

I’m sure you know what to bring in this department.

If you want to go full festival mood:


Cover yourself with glitter. Go crazy! Yeah, you most likely will find some glitter on yourself even after a week but it’s so worth it.

Temporary tattoos

Only during festivals, you can cover yourself with temporary tattoos and still look cool.

Weird costumes

Let your imagination go wild. No festival is complete without at least one person dressed in a crazy costume.

A random object

I have no idea why this is a thing but I love it! If you want to get into even more into the whole festival mood, bring a very very random object with you. I’ve seen skeletons in the middle of the concert, I’ve seen a freaking decorative duck being held in the air. People are crazy. I love it.

And there you have it! An ultimate packing list for a music festival. Hope it was useful and a teeny little bit helpful. Make sure to share it with the people that you think could use this list.

Ultimate list of things to pack for your music festival!

The best music festival memory?

What’s the craziest thing or costume you have seen in the festival?

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