Prepare for your summer holiday!

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With summer slowly reaching its peak, the majority of you are probably counting days until summer holiday or vacation. With this thought in mind, I decided to write a little check-list type of blog post that will help you make sure you’re fully prepared and ready for your summer trip.

We all know that a little preparation goes a long way, especially when it comes to travelling. It’s important to cross some things off your check-list in order for you to enjoy a quiet lay by the beach/pool or an adventurous road trip around the country. Sadly, sometimes people tend to forget these little things. So if you’re heading on a summer holiday, this blog post will make sure you’re not forgetting the bare essentials.

Do a bit of background research

The first you should do before heading on your vacation is doing a little bit of research about the place you’ll be visiting. What’s the weather like, what’s the economic and political situation there, what is the currency? Also, what kind of traditions there are that are should be aware of. All of this will give you a little heads up about the place and it will only make you more prepared and ready to enjoy your time there. I like looking through Pinterest and reading a bit about the basics or finding some tips.

While you are at it, you can even do a bit of planning if you’d like. Narrow down a list of places that you really want to visit and see, make a little schedule if you’ll have a limited time to explore the location where you’re going. But don’t forget to leave a bit of time for spontaneous decisions or changes in schedule.

Check and copy your travel documents

Make sure all of your travel documents, especially passport or ID card is up to date. You wouldn’t want to go to another country and finding out that your passport is no longer valid. Also, it is a good idea to make copies of your travel documents for safety reasons. Leave a copy at home and take a digital one with yourself to the trip. Better safe than sorry! And don’t forget your travel tickets.

Prepare for your summer holiday!

Get yourself a travel and health insurance

You really don’t want to put any unnecessary stress onto your shoulders while on your summer vacation. So make sure that your travel belongings and your own body are protected. Sometimes luggage is lost in between flights, even natural disasters occur or simple accidents happen that can cost you a fortune if not insured. I always invest in insurance no matter where and how long I’m going for. You can do it as well with just a quick look at the internet. For example, Buba’s travel insurance gives you full cover.

Buy some essentials

If needed, buy yourself the currency of the country you’re going to. You might need a bit of cash, so don’t rely solemnly on your credit/debit card. Also, ALWAYS get yourself a suncream. Spending the days in a gorgeous place with your whole body burning from sunburn is not fun. Take it from someone with experience.

If you’re going on a hiking trip, let’s say, invest in a good pair of hiking boots. The essentials depend on the place you’re going to and what kind of a summer holiday you’ll have, so after a little bit of a background research, you’ll be able to identify what things you need to get in advance to prepare. It might be anything! Just make sure that you’ve got them.

Prepare the home for your leave

If you’re going for a longer period of time, make sure that someone can come by and water your plants. You don’t want to come back home and find all your precious plants dead. Especially in this heat. Also, if you have any pets, make sure they will be well cared for and looked after.

Don’t forget to turn on your alarm system if you have one. Keep all your doors closed and locked, trash bins empty and always unplug electronics such as computers, TVs or any other appliance that does not need electricity while you’re gone. You’ll save money and it will decrease any chances of accidents.

That’s all you need to do in advance in order to prepare for your upcoming summer holiday. So now, you don’t need to stress and can enjoy your holiday in peace.

Prepare for your summer holiday!

Where are you going for the summer holiday?

How do you prepare for them?

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