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If you haven’t heard, but I’m pretty sure you did, today is an international day of happiness. You might be wondering what is it and what should I do to celebrate it and that’s why I am here, my friend. I am going to answer all your question and even will give you some pointers as to what should you do today to make this International Day of Happiness a remarkable one.


Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s an annual celebration was founded by the United Nations in order to promote Sustainable Development Goals that were set by them. There are 17 goals and all of them protect and ensure a safe and good environment for all the people so they could live their life the happiest way no matter where they live.

On March 20th every single year the world celebrates the International Day of Happiness to highlight and remind the importance of happiness in people’s life. Knowing me and my ultimate goal of inspiring as many people as possible to achieve their happiness, I couldn’t hold myself back, and decided to write a post about this great campaign and celebration.


That’s another great question. As this day is founded by the United Nations, every year there is a certain theme to it. This year they decided to collaborate with Smurfs and this way promote the 17 goals to the world. You can see their website Small Smurfs Big Goals and read more about the whole campaign. Also, they even released a video which you can see here:

I love this year’s campaign and how suitable it is for people of all ages. It’s important that it is spread more around children and teenagers as happiness is such an important topic in their years. Also, what I love about it is that the main message behind this project is that no matter who you are, how unimportant you think you are, you can make a very big difference in today’s world by doing the smallest things. Together we can achieve the impossible.

If you’ll take a look at their website, you can take a very short quiz ( I think we all can answer 4 question, don’t we?) to find out which Smurf you are and what goals of those 17 you should focus on. What’s even better about this quiz is that they tell you what exactly you can do in real life to make a change and help the world achieve that goal. Take the quiz here and start changing the world!

5 Ways To Celebrate The International Day of Happiness | read more at www.thenerdyme.com


Now that we all know what this day is all about, and if you want to do something to celebrate this day, I have few suggestions for you that I think you might like. After all, happiness is such an important part of our life, why not dedicate at least one day to recognising its importance?

1) Do a random act of kindness

Happiness can be achieved by helping someone in need or simply showing gratitude by making someone’s day. Donate to the charity that holds a special place in your heart or which you think supports a great cause. You can even donate blood or go and help at a shelter or any organisation that may need your help such as a home of the elder, an orphanage or anything that comes to your mind. You can even help your neighbour or a simple stranger in the streets. Spread kindness and gain happiness.

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2) Do something that makes you incredibly happy

We all have those activities, hobbies that make us feel happy and content inside. Dance in the streets or in your room if that’s what makes you happy. Draw, paint, knit, run, play an instrument, read, write, create, sleep, watch a movie, see a play, go to a museum or whatever what makes you happy. Let yourself feel happy and satisfied with the life you have because you can do things that you love and enjoy.

3) Show gratitude to people that you love

People that surround us and support us no matter what are the ones you need to say a big thank to. They are the reason why you feel happy and sometimes it’s nice to remind them that you are grateful for their existence in your life. Write a thank you card to each of them and send them by snail mail to make it more personal. Or maybe give a visit to the most important ones. You don’t need to do anything big, a simple thank you will make their day. Trust me.

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5 Ways To Celebrate The International Day of Happiness | read more at www.thenerdyme.com

4) Promote happiness and spread it around

Happiness can be such a hard topic for some people and some are still on their way of finding it. So why not dedicate a day to promote it to them? Start your day with a smile, smile at people during the day, give the biggest hugs to them, say a genuine compliment or two to those who aren’t feeling well, buy a coffee for your colleague who desperately needs it. Let go of stress, worries and unneeded arguments for the day, say thank you and excuse me more, show that you’re truly happy with your life no matter where you live, who you are, what your job is. Embrace the feeling and more people will get infected by your happiness so that they will start embracing their happiness too.

5) Take a step towards creating a happier environment

We all know that our happiness is hugely influenced by the environment we live in. Safer, healthier and respect based environment will make us all feel happier and more satisfied with our life which basically equals to infinitive happiness. Clean your house, organise a trash picking party, start saving water, stop and help someone if you see them getting harassed or disrespected. Make a change in your lifestyle if you feel like something you do makes your life less healthy or safe. Start recycling, try walking more instead of driving, take up a sport or activity to keep you energised and healthy. Always remember that those small steps will give huge results.

How will you be celebrating the International Day of Happiness?


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