8 Reasons Why I Dislike Clubbing! Read more at www.thenerdyme.com

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Being a normal 19-years-old girl, I should go clubbing a lot. Wrong. I had my fair share of clubbing experience and I’d like to say that I am not a huge fan of night clubs or activities that take place there. I have nothing against people who find fun and enjoyment in going clubbing but I’d rather sit home, watch tv shows and pig out on my sofa. Or I’d rather go pubbing but no clubs for me. Well, at least for now. Who knows what 60-years-old Leta will decide to do, uh?

Anyways, after my last not so fun and not so nice experience while clubbing, I decided to write a post explaining why clubs aren’t my cup of tea. So I represent you 8 reasons why I dislike clubbing! Let’s see if I’m not the only one.

8 Reasons Why I Dislike Clubbing! Read more at www.thenerdyme.com

1. Everything is just so expensive!

One thing clubs are good at is emptying your wallet within minutes. First, you pay for an entrance which isn’t so cheap when you think about it. Yeah, it depends on the place but what are you charging me for? Standing on your floor? Or playing that horrible music that I don’t even get to chose? Let’s not forget the ridiculous prices that they set for drinks. Who in their right mind decided that 12 euros are okay for a glass of margarita?! At least make it properly then so it wouldn’t taste like a mixture of water and salt. The cheapest drinks are probably shots there and even their price is kind of stupid in my mind. 4 – 5 euros for a freaking shot? Come on.

2. You have no say in music choice

I wouldn’t usually complain about music but what irks me in clubs is that DJ doesn’t really care about what you want to hear being played. Don’t even dare to approach him and ask for a certain song, don’t mix this with the scenes what movies usually show. He will most likely shoo you away or he will simply ignore you. Don’t even get me started on the fact that it’s impossible to chat with your friends. You hear nothing. Only the sound of that horrible song that DJ decided to repeat for a 10th time.

3. There is no food

The horror. No, seriously. There is no food, no snacks, nothing. Well, unless you consider a small piece of lemon with your tequila shot as a snack. Don’t know about you but I need food, especially if few drinks are included. Empty stomach and alcohol is just not a good combination. So the fact that there is no food equals to not very happy me. In Simon Cowell’s words, it’s a no from me.

4. Some people make your eyes burn

To put it very lightly. I am a very open-minded person, so I will not judge you or your actions as long as they don’t harm others. But I swear to all what’s holy, some people need to chill the eff out. I pay money to get into this club to dance, enjoy myself and have a good time with my friends. What I don’t pay is seeing people eating each other, basically going down on each other and just showing a crap tonne of PDA (public displays of affection for those who don’t know). You do you, girl or guy, make out, do what you want but please find a less public place. I am not talking about few kisses, holding hands, dancing or things like that. My poor eyes don’t want to see your private parts, so please limit your PDA.

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8 Reasons Why I Dislike Clubbing! Read more at www.thenerdyme.com

5. Strangers dangers everywhere

Clubs are the first place desperate single guys or girls go to. No offence. So it’s no wonder that you get hit on by some stranger. The worst is that they are usually more than tipsy and quite clingy. They start dancing with you, asking you questions, maybe offering something (drugs for example). Sometimes you end up getting slapped by their girlfriends because they are just too drunk to function properly. Fun, isn’t it? I am going to be honest with you, if I would be looking for a guy, a club wouldn’t be the place I’d look in.

6. Everything starts and ends very late

I like my sleep, okay? I also not one to party till the sun goes up again. You would usually go out of a club at 3 or 4 a.m. and at that time no public transport is going to take you home. Plus you probably drank few drinks, so you are in no state to drive. That leaves us with a cab. Speaking of, do you know how freaking expensive cabs are these days?! If club itself didn’t leave you broke for a week, then a very nice taxi car will do the deed. Also, don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of cabs, they are a bit creepy to me, you know what I mean?

7. Takes forever to get ready and it’s all for nothing

I dislike caking my face for too long as I always mess something up. The whole picking an outfit part doesn’t excite me very much as well. So it’s safe to say that the preparation for clubbing takes at least 2 hours and that’s a lot of time that could be spent productively. Okay, I sometimes have fun getting ready, also it’s nice to dress up a bit too but in the end, it all goes to waste. When I step a foot into a club, I can practically feel my makeup melting off and me getting sweaty. People are everywhere, they are invading your personal space, the heat is too much and everyone keeps stepping on your feet. 10 minutes in and I am a hot mess.

8. It’s a torture for the feet

You either stand or dance in the club, no in between. Forget about nice cushions and sofas. They are most probably occupied by couples who are very hungry if you know what I mean. Don’t forget the part in which you decided that wearing the heels is the best option. It’s simply lovely how incredibly sorry you can feel for yourself in these situations. Your legs and feet hurt like a bitch, you can’t give them at least a bit of rest and you can accept the fact that you won’t feel them the next day. Wonderful.

What are your thoughts about clubs?

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