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I have this big jar that I decorated a bit – I tried, really – at the beginning of 2015 and put it on my desk. I called it Best of 2015 Jar. Well, the jar says ‘Best memories’, but you get the flow. From the minute I put that jar on my desk, I started filling it with memories, events I went to, things that made me smile or laugh. It was a place where I put all the things that happened to me during 2015. And today I decided to open it and look through all the things that made this year great for me. Here are only the half of the things that happened, but they are the most important! If I wrote all, it would be a long long post.


01.1: I had a haircut! I cut my hair and now couldn’t be happier with my lob – slowly going to bob, haha.

01.2: I moved houses! It’s so surreal as it was kind of in the moment decision. But now couldn’t be happier about it.

01.3: Apparently, I made a successful interaction with a guy! I have this paper I wrote and put in this jar that says: “I talked with a guy without stuttering and even held an eye contact! -2015/01/28.”. I DO NOT REMEMBER WRITING THIS. Nor do I remember who’s the poor guy, haha. But it is a pretty big deal for me as I am incredibly shy and talking with guys, new people or even authorities make me anxious as I have something like social anxiety.

01.4: Won my first giveaway! I never win those things, but this year I finally did. Thank you, The Body Shop, for being my first ever and probably the last giveaway I won.

01.5: I shot from a gun! To say I was shaking is an understatement. I was petrified. But I did it and I was pretty good at it! I got solid 10 and two 9 – from the first 5 shots, mind you! 


02.1: I saw Ed Sheeran! I went to Ed Sheeran concert in February and freaking loved it! It was the first time I saw him live and it was the best day in my fangirl life. 

02.2: Saw Ryan Keen too! I discovered Ryan Keen during Ed Sheeran’s concert and fell in love with his guitar skills and voice. And he favorited my tweet, so now I feel blessed.

02.3: I was a very proud unicorn! iiSuperwomanii a.k.a. Lilly Singh a.k.a. my favorite YouTuber a.k.a. my idol a.k.a. the best human being in the whole Earth hit 5 million, 6 million and now 7 million subscribers. She also met her idols, The Rock and Selena Gomez, she basically conquered the world.

02.4: I was emotional because of One effing Direction! Zayn left One Direction which was a pretty big hit for my inner fangirl. But now she couldn’t be happier for them and proud of how far they have come.


03.1: I saw hella lot of movies in the cinema! The first thing I noticed was that I went to see A LOT of movies this year. I saw Minions, Insurgent, Inside Out, Pitch Perfect 2, Paper Towns, Fast & Furious 7, How To Train Your Dragon 2 and The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part II and lastly Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

03.2: I went to see places! I attended few cultural events, a lot of photography galleries and went to the theater few times. I really want to go to the theater more often as I do enjoy it very much and photo galleries are just amazing places to gain inspiration.

03.3: I traveled! I went to Cyprus in June and it was epic. Take me back, you warm and sunny weather! I also traveled around Lithuania: visited Taujėnai and Alanta estates, road triped for a day and traveled on boat!

03.4: I went to a few basketball games! Another thing I noticed (I already knew this would happen)  was that I went to a lot of basketball games. I went to seven games, watched probably over 20 on TV and watched EuroBasket championship live all games there were with Lithuanian team and few with France. Fun fact: We won Silver and now are 3rd in the World. That’s pretty amazing thing for such a little country as Lithuania!


04.1: I created Life Of The Nerdy Me! I created my blog in April 2015. And ever since I have been in love with this community and all of you. As it’s not weird at all.

04.2: I have people who read my nonsense! I never ever thought that I will be having over 8, 000 pageviews, 1500+ comments and 130+ followers. I should be doing something good then.

04.3: I met lovely people! Well, not in person, but stillI got to know so many incredibly amazing bloggers, worked with few people, got actual opportunities for my blog and invitations


What are your highlights of 2015?


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