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This Saturday I  went on a day trip around my country again. If you are reading my blog for a while, you will know how much I enjoy traveling and exploring my country. So, I couldn’t pass an opportunity to have a day trip on a bus. The trip started with us waking up late and rushing so fast in order to make it to this trip. I swear I have never in my life got ready so fast! We had to dress up, pack and make sandwiches in 20 minutes (I am not exaggerating!). Aside from this little mishap, I had a great time.

Our trip started at 8:00 a.m. (well, at 8:15 as we were a bit late). The first thing we drove to visit was Taujėnai manor. It’s a classical style palace which was built in 1802 and was a residence of Radvilians. The manor itself looked gorgeous and picture worthy. We had a tea and a little cake to start our excursion around this huge building. The interior was so luxury and had this vintage touch which I loved and couldn’t stop taking pictures of, haha.

After visiting this beautiful place, we drove to the next estate – Alanta. This time, it was less luxury. It had a nice art gallery with these beautiful paintings which held my eyes captive for quite some time. Then after looking at those wonderful masterpieces, we had a meat degustation. It was meat products that were made in that estate. I wasn’t degustating much as my stomach was a bit under the weather for few hours from all the driving we had. Our bus driver was speeding too much in my opinion and the roads were very winding. It was like going up and down in a roller coaster.

Next place we drove to was hunting and fishing museum which I didn’t find so interesting (guys were more interested in all those techniques and equipment than us, girls). And in that exact place, we had an opportunity to taste a homemade traditional fish soup. It was very delicious. Lovely ladies who cooked it explained how they made it and what products they used. All I have to say is that it’s hella much work and time!

When we were stuffed with this delicious soup and had a bit of free time to relax ( we played real life angry birds, I mean, yes please!), we drove to our next destination. It was a Šakotis (Branchy, Tree cake, Spit cake) bakery. It’s one of the best šakotis making bakeries in Lithuania. They even hold a world record of largest spit cake! We had a chance to hear all about this amazing dessert, cake and even bake one ourselves! It was so much fun and the cake turned out very delicious.

After having this wonderful cake, we went to our last destination – the most beautiful place in Lithuania. Well, at least it is voted to be the one. It’s a Ledakalnis. It’s a hill from which you can see even 6 lakes and few mounds. I wouldn’t say that this is THE most beautiful place in Lithuania. But it is sure a sight to see! The landscape looks amazing from up there and the photos I took doesn’t do justice for them. 

And after all these things, sights we saw, it was time to go home. I got back home at around 9 p.m. I was worn out and quite tired. But very happy. I love seeing new places in my country that I have never seen before and this trip gave me just that. I had a great time and experience (asides from getting a bit car sick because our driver was a racer in his heart).

What were you up to this weekend? Anything exciting happening in your life?

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