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Hiking is a wonderful thing. You get to exercise, see beautiful places and release the stress from your body. Whenever you are starting to hike, have been hiking for years or want to start – this post is for you. Firstly, I want to address that I am no professional and do not know every little detail, but here is what I learned over the years that I spent hiking.


Do not choose a trail, track or hike without rating yourself. You will only exhaust your body, lose motivation and even get an injury. If you are beginner start with short distances and less rocky surfaces (0-5km). Start longer distances if you hiked for a while. Always, rate surfaces. It can be a 3km track but very rocky and steep which will take lots of energy and can feel very hard to complete, while 10km hike in gravel track or forest will feel like a piece of cake.


The first thing you want to do before starting your hike is to get as much information as possible about the track you chose. Find what the surface is like, what is the highest point, is where any drinkable water sources, the length, how much time will you approximately spend there, anything worth noting. Maybe a story behind the trial. Everything you can find will make you ready for your hike and you will avoid troubles.

Aphrodite’s trial, Cyprus 


After you got your information, start picking the right shoes. If it’s very rocky and slipery – hiking shoes. If it’s normal track – sport shoes, trainers. Think about the surface and chose the right pair. You don’t want to be with sneakers while hiking on the very rocky surface as you can slip and hurt yourself. The right shoes are the key to an enjoyable hike.


As ridiculous as it sounds – don’t be a fashionista. You are going on a hike, not a catwalk. You should dress comfortably and according to the weather and hike level. Leggins, sports shorts, tank tops and simple tops – that’s what you are looking for. But if you have a cute sport attire, then it’s a go go!

Samaria Gorge, Crete, Greece 


Take a water bottle. Don’t take a big bottle if there is a source, you don’t need more weight. You can simply refill it there. Just don’t forget – it’s better to drink more frequently but less than much and rarely. You don’t want to gulp half a bottle and then feel sick and dehydrated after a while.


It’s really important to watch where you are going. Don’t get too engrossed with the beautiful view and slip. You can get seriously injured. If you want to take a picture or just stare at the view – take a stop. Just stop for a bit and enjoy it. You will not regret it. Also, it’s important to take stops once in a while, let your body relax. But not too much! Your muscles can’t get too relaxed or it will be very difficult to continue your hike and you will feel tired.

Taken in Vir Island, Croatia 


If during your hike you get any kind of pain (no matter how strong or weak it is), you stop right there, buddy. Your thinking ‘oh, it will go away’ or ‘it’s nothing big’ is completely wrong. It’s very important to listen to your body (every hiking instructor will tell you this). Especially if you feel a slight pain in your knees or back. Don’t continue your hike and turn around. You can get a very serious injury – it’s not a laughing matter (how many times did I exactly said word ‘injury’?)


The most important thing is to enjoy your hike. Follow these simple rules and everything will go more than perfectly. Listen to your body and your body will thank you by its energy and health.


Do you hike? What are your tips? Any interesting stories to tell?


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