Things you need to sort out before taking your gap year! Must read for all students |

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A gap year is a wonderful way for any young person to get out and discover both the world and a little more about themselves. However, just like any holiday, there’s some considerable prep which goes into ensuring things run as smoothly as possible. Today, let’s run through six such things all gap year students will need to sort. 

  1. Research

The key to any successful trip is in the planning stage. There’s lots of background work to be done to ensure you make the absolute most of your time away. When considering how to research a holiday or gap year, make sure to prioritise factors like:

  • Budget
  • Local landmarks
  • Transport
  • Language

Finding out as much as you can about the area you’re travelling to will only ever be a significant help to you. It could relieve half the stress of acclimatising to a new country in an instant.

  1. Doctor

You’ll need to let your doctor know you’re headed out of the country for a while and ask them for any recommendations they might have. If you have a pre-existing medical condition this is particularly important.

You may not be allowed to fly if you suffer from certain conditions or diseases. There’s also the risk you might contract a disease which is native to the country you’re headed to. Again, your doctor will be able to inform you of which you’re most at risk of contracting.

  1. Vaccinations

And, on that note, you’ll definitely want to organise all of your pre-travel jabs before jetting off. Your doctor will definitely be able to provide you with a full rundown of what vaccinations you might require, depending on where you’re travelling to.

As advanced as we are as a society, there’s still very little we can do to prevent viruses attacking us and slowly tearing us apart. Vaccinations are the sole (reliable) form of protection against these types of conditions.

Things you need to sort out before taking your gap year! Must read for all students |

  1. Friends and Family

While your family are likely to know what you’re up to, it’s still worthwhile sending those who most often associate with you a group message letting them know you won’t be reachable for a solid chunk of time.

This can be done either by a group message on a social media platform or even messaging them all individually via the phone or email to let them know what your plans are. Naturally, those closest to you will already know, but it’d be handy for friends and family who are more on the fringe. WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger are great platforms to keep in touch.

  1. Work

You’re going to be spending a long time away, and will as such need to find some sort of financial means of getting by. The best option in this regard is to find yourself a job before you travel.

Having a steady employment is always a bonus in any sphere of life – but it’s perhaps no more important than when you’re off on a year-long escape from the world. You’ll have to find something which is going to fund your expenses, or else you might suddenly find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere strapped for cash. May I suggest trying out few freelancing jobs or simply creating a blog?

  1. Length of stay

Sort out roughly how long you’ll want to stay for. You don’t need to book the exact flight tickets back home, but at least have a rough idea of when you want to be travelling back to your native land. Whether it’s days, weeks, months or years – try to have a rough idea of how long you’ll be away for.

Have you got a better idea of what to think about prior to heading off on your year out? Remember to keep these factors in mind before travelling. But most importantly, enjoy your year off and have fun. Explore new lands, activities and find yourself along the way.

Are you planning to take a gap year? Maybe you have few experiences to share?

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