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If I’m not travelling, then I’m definitely dreaming about all the places in the world that I’d love to visit. Usually, it involves endless scrolling through Instagram accounts that I follow and admire. We all love looking at pretty landscape pictures and gorgeous destinations around the world, don’t we?

That’s why today I decided to share 12 Instagram travel accounts that never fail to inspire travel more and give me a bit of motivation when I’m feeling in a slump. Take a look but be warned, I am not responsible for spontaneous bookings and flight tickets.


Jacob is a Lithuanian creator who you might remember from my recent Reading, Watching and Listening post. One thing that I admire the most about Jacob is that he is such a positive person. After a life-changing road accident, he decided to live each and every day as it was his last, meaning that he tries to get the most out of his day and appreciates even the smallest wonders of the world. He has a YouTube channel as well if you want to check it out.

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Shut Up and Go is a travel blog and a very much inspiring travel account created by Damon & Jo who are travellers and YouTubers. Damon and Jo are inspiring on their own but the community they created with Shut Up and Go is incredible. This account is for those who don’t make excuses or, at least, want to not make an excuse to live the life they want to. From funny love stories on the road to new discoveries for the next adventure, you can find it all on @shutupandgo.

Instagram account of shutupandgo


If you’re more into a plant-based and ethical style, then this account is that you need to follow right now. Patricia and Miguel are more of storytellers than simple travel bloggers. They love the adventure and each photo on their feed represent something deeper and beautiful. I’ve never wanted to travel to Bali as much as I do now after following their adventures on that beautiful island.

Instagram account of freeoversea


You may know Christianne as Backpacking Bananas on Youtube. She is a travel vlogger and video producer who actually inspired me to start planning my big travel adventure or, well, at least start thinking about it. This wonderful lady shares her long-time travel adventures from all around the world never fails to motivate me to seek my goals and aspirations. Go give her a follow and see for yourself. Plus, you really might want to check out her YouTube channel as well which is packed with tips and all kinds of valuable information about solo travelling.


Travelettes is a huge female travellers community that I simply adore. They share all kinds of travel inspiration, stories, travel tips from all around the world. I just love how personal all the stories are and there is something very much inspiring to hear so many strong women talk about their adventures. So go ahead and give Travelettes a follow and check out their webpage as well for more travel tips and stories to fuel your wanderlust even more.

travelettes instagram account

Nadine, the girl behind Ticket To Anywhere account, is a Germany based travel creator. She is a more outdoor and nature-based traveller who beautiful snaps from her adventures. I simply adore the style of editing in her photographs which is a bit darker but beautiful nevertheless. Take a look at Nadine’s Instagram account if you love mountains, waterfalls and those dreamy road trip life snaps.

ticket to anywhere instagram account


Greta is a full-time traveller who is based in London. She is basically living the dream life, to be honest. I love how real her photos are and how she doesn’t glamour the travel life. You can find everything on her account: from adventure travel to more luxurious travel destinations. I would definitely recommend to check her out if you want to find new destinations to travel to or some hidden gems. Plus, she has a blog which is jammed packed with stories and advice articles.

gretastravels instagram account


Jessica is a full-time traveller who created a Flying The Nest brand with her husband Stephen (@sparrystake). They are both inspiring and such down to the earth people that you definitely have to check out, especially their YouTube channel. Jessica shares a lot of beautiful photos from their trips to Sri Lanka, Philippines and even more gorgeous places. I love her simple editing and how genuine she is when it comes to sharing her adventures. Bloody goals!

heyitsjessvalentine instagram account


Anther travel community on Instagram that is worth mentioning – Travel And Destinations. This one is more worldwide and not restricted to only female creators. What I love the most about this account is that it features all kinds of travel destinations that I wouldn’t even think of visiting! So this is a great way to find new places to visit and even discover a lot of hidden gems on your continent. Also, worth mentioning their website which holds a lot of travel and photography tips and guides.

travelanddestinations instagram account


Helene is an absolute travel queen! She moved to Germany from Dallas, TX to travel Europe with her husband. However recently, she announced that she moving back to the USA. BUT! That does not mean that her travel content is ending, if anything, I can’t wait to see more USA travel content. Amazing destinations, travel tips, stories and a lot of guides – this is what you can expect from Helene, so go on, follow her now!

heleneinbetween instagram account


My longtime favourite travellers and content creators – Hand Luggage Only. I absolutely love their carefree attitude and choice of travelling. On this account, you can expect to see lots of stunning places from all around the world and especially from Europe. These guys share their travel stories, short guides and THE BEST travel advice. So check them out right now!

handluggageonly instagram account


This Australian girl shares the best minimalistic nature-themed travel photos. The whole Emilie’s feed screams ‘Calmness and earth’ which I simply love in travel photography. If you enjoy outdoor photography and less touristy places such as Laos, Peru or Namibia, you definitely have to check out Hello Emilie and her work. Go on and thank me later!

helloemilie instagram account

And here it is, 12 Instagram travel accounts that will definitely fuel your wanderlust and make you start planning your next travel adventure. Or in my case, start saving because hello, student life! While you at it, don’t forget to check out my Instagram account. I share snaps from my daily life and, of course, lots of travel photos from my European adventures.

What are some of your favourite Instagram travel accounts?

12 Instagram travel accounts to fuel your wanderlust

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