Birstonas tower in Lithuania

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One of the less explored regions of Europe are Baltic States with Lithuania, unfortunately, being the least visited one among the states. This undiscovered country with rich history, beautiful castles, stunning natural wonders and historical memorials is a perfect destination for any type of traveller.

I might be a bit biased by being a Lithuanian born and bred. But that’s why I decided to share a few photos that perfectly depict how wonderful and beautiful Lithuania is as a destination.

Although the majority of guides and articles about Lithuania feature Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, and Trakai castle, there is so much more to Lithuania to discover. A famous Lithuanian YouTubers Jacob Laukaitis created a phenomenal video about Lithuania for everyone who have no idea what or where Lithuania is which you can check out here to get a bit of background.

I could talk for hours why Lithuania SHOULD be on your travel list, but I will let photos do the talking. So here are 20 photos to inspire you to visit Lithuania.

20 Photos to inspire you to visit Lithuania

1. Autumn in Lithuania

Photo by Giedrius Akelis

Lithuania has all four seasons and it is equally beautiful during each. Autumn might be moody but it sure does bring some of the most beautiful features of Lithuanian nature.

2.Winter in Lithuania

Winters are very cold in Lithuania. But look how magical it looks when there is snow.

3. Summer in Lithuania

Photo by Sandra Didziokaite

Nothing like a peaceful holiday in the country side. Kayaking is very popular during warm season in Lithuania and a definite must when travelling to Lithuania.

4. Coastline of Lithuania I

Photo by A.Aleksandravičius

Oh, yes, us Lithuanians, we love nature. Maybe because we have so much of it!

5. Trakai Castle

But we have castles as well! This is the famous Trakai castle which is surrounded by lakes. Looks magical both in summer and in winter.

6. Raudonės castle

Photo by klimod on Instagram

But Trakai castle isn’t the only one in Lithuania. This Raudonės castle is a real hidden gem that not many tourists know about.

7. Vilnius Old Town

Photo by Henrikas Zaviša

And of course, the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. Stunning as always, no matter the season or day time. On top of the hill, stands Gediminas tower from which you can get an insanely good looking view of Vilnius (for free!).

8. Coastline of Lithuania II

Photo by A. Aleksandravičius

There is no bad time to visit Lithuanian coastline, unless you plan on tanning and swimming, then maybe choose summer. Sandy beaches and dunes will make you feel like you’re in the world’s finest beaches.

9. The dead dunes, The Curonian Split

Photo by sunpic.r on Instagram

One of the most wonderful natural wonders in Lithuania is the Curonian Split park which includes the Dead Dunes (photo above), Naglis Dune and Grey Dunes. If you want to see how Lithuanian dessert looks like, this is the place.

10. Wildlife in Lithuania

Photo by Virginija K. Photography

While in Nida or in the middle of Lithuanian forest, you might even meet this beautiful creature.

11. The Hill of Crosses

Photo by Holiday from Where

The Hill of Crosses is often labelled as ‘scary/creepy place to visit’ but you need to visit to really grasp the feeling of the place. The site of pilgrimage was formed of thousands of crosses that were put there by Lithuanians and visitors from abroad over the recent centuries.

12. Birštonas tower

Photo by A.Aleksandravicius

Birštonas tower was built very recently is now the tallest panoramic tower in Lithuania (51 metres). The climb up the tower isn’t the easiest (especially during a hot day) but the view from the top is so worth it.

13. Kirkilai panoramic tower

Photo by Giedrius Akelis

Another panoramic tower, this one a bit smaller but just as fascinating.

14. Kaunas Old Town

Photo by Arminas Grigonis

The second biggest city in Lithuania – Kaunas. My hometown and one of the most beautiful old towns in the country. From old castles to stunning panoramic views, Kaunas has it all.

15. Kaunas Lagoon

Photo by Arminas Grigonis

Kaunas Lagoon regional park is located on the outskirts of Kaunas. The lagoon itself holds a very fascinating history and the nature around makes it a perfect place for afternoon walks or even a relaxing weekend away in a mini cottage.

16. Birštonas

Birštonas is a small town located around an hour away from Kaunas. It is known as resort and spa town where Lithuanians go to relax and receive various health treatments. The town is surrounded by pine forest, so the air there is very fresh and exhilarating.

17. Dutchman’s Cap, Klaipėda

Photo by soft.breeze_ on Instagram

Dutchman’s Cap or Olando Kepurė in Lithuanian is the highest spot on the Lithuanian seaside. It is said to be one of the most beautiful spots in Lithuania. The swings are a nice touch as well. Lithuanian Bali, if you will.

18. Pažaislis monastery

Photo by karolinaite on Instagram

Incredibly beautiful spot in Kaunas is Pažaislis monastery. It’s Italian baroque monastery complex which makes you feel like you’re somewhere in Florence.

19. Lithuanian forests

Lithuania and its forests.

20. Lithuanian Coastline III

Photo by Fabian Sanchez

One more photo of Lithuanian seaside, this time from summer, because you can’t get enough of this beauty.

Does it make you want to visit Lithuania now? I hope it does. Let me know if you ever been to Lithuania or if you’re planning to.

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