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Literally, can you believe that it’s July?!

I’ve been trying to make truce with this fact for a few days now and I’m still not sure whenever the year is getting shorter or I simply am oblivious to the speed of the time.

But you know what July means? It’s the end of 2nd quarter of 2017.

Time has come to collect the stats and see how The Nerdy Me is doing so far. I already mentioned that I’m a curious person and I like going through statistics to see what works, what not and so on. So I do hope that this report blog post will be helpful, interesting and fun to read for some of you.

Social Media

I won’t waste my time talking about the whole ‘numbers doesn’t matter but they are interesting’ ordeal because you have heard enough of it, I’m sure. Instead, let’s take a look at how I’ve been doing on social media since the last report:

The numbers go like this: January 1st – April 4th – July 3rd

Twitter | 1093 → 1337 → 1431 | Goal for 2017: 2000

Instagram | 718 → 1076 → 1168 | Goal for 2017: 1000 1500

Facebook  | 58 → 89 → 120 | Goal for 2017: 100 200

Pinterest | 100 → 246 → 442 | Goal for 2017: 300 600

Bloglovin’ | 444 → 547 → 594| Goal for 2017: 600

As you can see, I managed to reach two more goals that I set at the beginning of the year. I’m seriously over the moon right now and still can’t believe that I managed to hit them half way through the year.

This next quarter I’ll try to focus more on Twitter and Instagram. I feel like these two platforms progressed the least out of all during this quarter. So expect more of me on Twitter and Instagram.

Also, I decided to challenge myself more and try to reach 200 likes on Facebook by the end of the year. We shall see how it’ll go but I know that it won’t be an easy task. Any tips are welcome!

Blog traffic

Looking at my blog traffic, I wasn’t doing so well this time. Let the numbers speak for themselves:

The numbers go like this: January 1st – April 4th – July 3rd

All Time Pageviews | 32,915 → 42,261 → 49,824 | Goal for 2017: 60,000

I only managed to increase the views by around 7,000 and that’s not very impressive compared to the last quarter. I’ve been neglecting scheduling and blog schedule for a few weeks since I had exams and uni work that needed a lot of my attention.

But it’s summer now and I intend on making more effort in gaining more traffic and boosting my readership. I am trying out new techniques that hopefully will do some kind of magic.

Now let’s take a look at a more detailed chart to find out from where all this traffic from 4th of April to 3rd of July has been coming from:

Blog Report: Blog Traffic, Social Media and Income | Q2 2017 Blog Report: Blog Traffic, Social Media and Income | Q2 2017

Social media is still number one traffic source for me and I am surprised as I mentioned before I’ve been neglecting it for a while. On the other hand, there has been a big decrease in direct traffic. This is what I’ll be focusing more on this quarter.

If you took a look at the report of Q1, you’ll notice that Pinterest was only 5th traffic source. After this quarter, you can see that it jumped to the 2nd place which I’m incredibly proud of. It took a while but I’m starting to get a hang of Pinterest.

I noticed that number 1 traffic source of June was Pinterest. How amazing is that?! Also, Facebook started to give me more traffic. I can now only hope that Instagram will start bringing me more traffic as well during the next quarter.


My income has increased a bit since the last quarter. Here’s a breakdown:

Sponsored posts –  €86.33

Ads –  €1.90

Total:  €88.23

Now, I also received products but I didn’t include them in this as they aren’t real income. I mean, I can’t pay for my hosting with them, you know.

There are still some projects that I’m working on for which I still haven’t got the payment, so I didn’t include them as well. I only listed what I actually received into my bank account.

It isn’t much and it definitely doesn’t pay enough for my hosting and blog maintenance but it’s a good start. I again had to decline some of the proposals as I didn’t feel like they were suitable for The Nerdy Me.

Plus some of the companies were downright ridiculous, asking a blog post for $5. It’s 2017 and some companies are still unaware of how much work bloggers put into what they do.


All in all, it wasn’t the best or worst quarter. I managed to earn more but I lost a bit of traffic and messed up my schedule. But hey! You live, you learn.

I want to thank you once again for sticking by and always supporting The Nerdy Me and me. For that, I am forever grateful.

I’ll try to make the next quarter more exciting not only for myself and for you too. So keep your eyes open for new projects and new content.

Best of Q2 2017:

How’s this quarter been treating you? Any traffic boosting tips?

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