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There was once a time when cruise holidays were the exclusive domain of the elderly wealthy, yet all that has changed since the turn of the century, and today, cruise holidays are popular among all age groups, including singles and young families. The modern cruise ship is akin to a floating city that is host to just about everything you could imagine, and with that in mind, here is a comprehensive guide to booking your dream cruise holiday.

  • Book Well In Advance – This is always advisable, and as a general rule, the longer the cruise route, the earlier you should book. This gives you time to prepare properly, and an early booking can save you a little money, so as soon as you know your preferred dates, search online for a reputable cruise tour operator and you can make a reservation.
  • Choosing The Route – There are cruises ranging from a two-day cruise around Sydney to a full-on 90-day round-the-world cruise, plus everything in between. If you would like to book a cruise for this year, there are cheap cruises from Melbourne in 2019, which are available from a leading online cruise tour operator. If you have yet to experience life on a cruise liner, you are advised to book a 5-7 day cruise, as people either love or hate cruising, and the majority become hooked to this unique way to take a holiday.
  • Do Some Online Research – The more you know about cruise holidays, the better, and aside from researching life on board a cruise ship, you should also research the ports where the ship will dock, and this will allow you to make the best of time in port. Whatever happens, never get back to a port late, as the ship will not wait for late passengers and you will end up with a hefty flight bill to catch up with the ship at the next port of call.
  • Define Your Lifestyle – When booking a cruise, there is a wide range of cabins, ranging from a small berth with no sea view, right up to a luxury cabin with a sea view balcony, and if you are planning to only use your cabin for sleeping, then you can save money by booking a basic cabin. If, on the other hand, you would prefer to spend a lot of time in your private area, then splashing out on a first-class cabin would be advisable. For further advice about booking a cruise, there are articles you can find online which are must-reads for a novice cruiser.
  • Packing For A Cruise – Obviously, the longer the cruise, the more you will need to pack, and they do have an efficient laundry service, so bear this in mind, and it is best to pack one formal outfit for evening dinners. You are advised to take more than enough SD cards, to store your photos and videos, as it would be regrettable if you had to delete some things in order to capture more.
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Most people fall hopelessly in love with life aboard a cruise liner, which is hardly surprising when you realise the huge number of activities that are at your disposal, and by following the above advice, your first cruise will be a holiday to remember.

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