Blog Report: Blog Traffic, Social Media and Income | Q3 2017

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Talk about a long break…

Hello! I’m back and hopefully this time I won’t disappear for a month without a warning. I’ve been busy with university, side activities and a bit of travelling, so I fell out of my schedule and vanished into thin.

But fear not, I am here to stay this time. So here’s a little recap of what went on in my life during my disappearance:

  • I went on youth exchange in Hungary
  • I visited Budapest (I will talk more about in another post)
  • I started writing a research paper for my university
  • I spent a lot of time studying and completing tasks for uni
  • I finally saw my best friend that I didn’t see for about 6 months
  • I started writing my first ever NaNoWriMo novel

Aaaand more things that I won’t bother you with. As you can see, I didn’t have much time for procrastination or tv shows. But enough about me. I have a blog report for you today of the 3rd quarter of 2017. I’m a month late with it but, hey, at least I decided to write it!

Can you believe that there are only 2 months left until 2018? That’s just crazy. I don’t want to get all sentimental about it, so without further ado, here’s how The Nerdy Me been doing this quarter:

Disclaimer: I’m all about that ‘numbers don’t matter’ movement but I like seeing numbers and figuring out what works and what not when it comes to my blog. So this report is for those people who love statistics just as much as me.

Social Media

The numbers go like this: January 1st – April 4th – July 3rd – October 3rd

Twitter | 1093 → 1337 → 1431 → 1514| Goal for 2017: 2000

Instagram | 718 → 1076 → 1168 → 1166 | Goal for 2017: 1000 1500

Facebook  | 58 → 89 → 120 → 136 | Goal for 2017: 100 200

Pinterest | 100 → 246 → 442 → 547 | Goal for 2017: 300 600

Bloglovin’ | 444 → 547 → 594 → 616| Goal for 2017: 600

In the last report, I said that I’ll be focusing more on Twitter and Instagram and I’ve been doing that for awhile until I went on a break. Then my numbers started to fall and I made no progress on Instagram. Twitter was a bit more successful.

I like that I managed to steadily grow on Pinterest and Facebook. What I find the most challenging is Instagram. I don’t like the way it works as it’s so hard to grow your audience there. However, I will keep trying.

I’m not sure if I’ll reach my increased goals but I’m very happy with myself that I managed to reach the original goals that I set in the beginning of 2017.

So the goal for the last quarter is to try and reach the goal I set for Twitter and try my best to come as close as possible with increased goals.

Pin this for future reference!Blog Report: Blog Traffic, Social Media and Income | Q3 2017

Blog traffic

Blog traffic numbers are both making me happy and making me sad. Take a look:

The numbers go like this: January 1st – April 4th – July 3rd – October 3rd

All Time Pageviews | 32,915 → 42,261 → 49,824  → 57,449 | Goal for 2017: 60,000

I’m happy that I’m so close to my goal but I’m quite sad that the growth of traffic isn’t increasing much. I gained around 7,000 more pageviews during this quarter, just like the last one. So there isn’t much progress which isn’t very exciting to me.

I believe that this blogging break and the fact that posting schedule was all over the place had a huge impact on traffic. That’s why I wasn’t able to make a progress.

Now let’s take a look at a more detailed chart to find out from where all this traffic from 3rd of July to 3rd of October has been coming from:

Blog Report: Blog Traffic, Social Media and Income | Q3 2017

Blog Report: Blog Traffic, Social Media and Income | Q3 2017

Like always, the biggest portion of traffic comes from social media. That is quite good keeping in mind that I’ve been neglecting all my social media channels for a while now.

Comparing to the last quarter, I can see an increase in an organic search which makes me very happy. It means that my SEO is doing better and better with each month.

I cracked the code and now Pinterest is my nr. 1 social media traffic source! Twitter is officially 2nd and Facebook is 3rd. I will be doing a blog post about all the things I learned about Pinterest soon, so keep your eyes open for it.


Here’s a breakdown:

Sponsored posts –  €164.95

Ads –  €1.01

Total:  €165.96

Now keeping in mind that I’ve been gone for about a month, these numbers aren’t too bad. I actually declined A LOT of offers this quarter as well. Some emails I get are just insanely stupid to me. Few dollars for 500 words post? Yeah, right.

Also, I still haven’t been paid for few projects I did. The most tiring and annoying part of being a blogger and content creator is that you need to chase after payments.

I gave up on ads and I’m starting to think that I will never understand them, thus the small amount of income from them.


It wasn’t a bad quarter having in mind that I’ve been a shit blogger most of it. My income is growing and that’s a good sign. Also, I’m noticing increases of traffic from other sources, meaning that people talk about The Nerdy Me.

I want to say a huge thank you once again for sticking by and reading this blog. Thank you.

Best of Q3 2017:

How are you? What is your best memory from Q3?

Any traffic boosting tips?

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