15 Things only single people in the group will understand

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It feels like only yesterday all my friends were single and the only problem we had was deciding what to wear on a girls’ night out. Not anymore.

Things have changed and I’m almost the only single person in the group. Let me tell you that being a single person amongst 4 couples in the music festival is quite an experience.

This post goes for all my fellow singles out there who have stuck in an unfortunate position of being the only single person of the group. I feel you on a spiritual level.

15 Things only you, the single friend of the group, will understand:

1. Somehow you always end up third wheeling. Or fifth wheeling, or if you’re as lucky as me, seventh wheeling.

2. Developing a serious allergy to hearing people who are happily in relationship address themselves as ‘we’ in every sentence. I’m sorry, your inability to see yourself as an individual makes me want to smack you on the head.

3. You forgot what girls’ night out looks like because your friends always have a brilliant idea of inviting their other half to any type of event. It’s like they can’t imagine going to a bar, concert, festival, cinema without their significant other. AM HELLO! Am I not enough of a material for a fun night out?

4. Getting secretly excited when you find out that your friend’s other half can’t come. Oh, really? How unfortunate!

15 Things only single people in the group will understandsource

5. Witnessing a heavy load of PDA and wanting to poke your eyes out.

6. Constantly getting set up with someone’s leftover friends. REALLY?! If you think you’re doing me a favour, please stop. I prefer finding someone on my own, thank you very much.

7. Constant shipping. Somehow you can’t even have male friends or acquaintances without your friends assuming that there is a romance involved. Stop wiggling your eyebrows at me, Nancy, nothing of that sort was/is/will be happening. Can’t a gal have a male friend these days?!

8. Nothing annoys you more than a phrase “don’t worry, you’ll find someone”.

9. Your not so single friends always give you pity looks like being single is the most unfortunate thing that can happen to a person. They even hold themselves back when talking about their other halves as if they think that one mention of the word ‘boyfriend’ will make you jump off the cliff.

10. You dread family gatherings. All those questions if you have found someone, why you’re single and so on are too tiring. Especially when your grandmother keeps telling you that there is still time and you can be single until 26. Well, thank you for such kind permission.

11. Everyone assumes that you have the best stories to tell. Yes, my life is pretty exciting, I drink wine and watch tv shows on Friday nights.

15 Things only single people in the group will understandsource

12. You get random loneliness moments. Why am I suddenly getting all sad? Emotions go away.

13. Feeling a huge rush of relief that you’re single when your friends tell you about their relationship problems. So much drama, fighting for the little things and having to find a common ground all the time. I’d rather not.

14. Seeing all the engagement posts on Facebook and thinking that you might have missed the memo. Why’s everyone suddenly getting married and having kids?

15. No one believes that you’re happy being single and want to do some things alone. One way to make your friends genuinely worried is to tell them that you want to travel solo somewhere or go to a concert alone. They will offer to come together in seconds (with their boyfriends, of course). Erm, no thanks. I think I prefer my own company.

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Can you relate to these?

What would you add to the list?

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