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Weekends have always been something special. On weekend we relax, we put away all the work-related stuff and simply enjoy life.

You know the feeling when Sunday evening comes and you suddenly start dreading Monday morning? Well, what if I said that you can have a never-ending weekend?

Just imagine having a weekend that never ends and not having to dread any morning ever again in your life. In this blog post, I’m sharing a list of things that I like to do during the work week to keep weekend vibes going. It seems that we all have certain activities that we only do during the weekend, so why not try having some of them during the work days as well? This way we could trick our brain a bit and make us feel like it’s the weekend all over again. After all, it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Without further due, here’s the list of things that you can do to have a never-ending weekend all year round!

Reading a book

These days I rarely find time to actually read a book on work days. I’ve always liked sitting on the balcony or on my terrace and reading a book on weekends, it’s like a little meditation session to me. If you associate book reading with weekends, try adding one or two reading sessions into your work week. It can be in the evenings or during your lunch break, or even in the mornings if you like waking up early.

Having brunch with your friends

Who doesn’t love brunch? People usually relate brunch to the holiday or to Sunday mornings, this is why having brunch on a work day could bring you a lot of weekend vibes. It could be a bit harder to have brunch for some people with their work schedules but if there is the smallest possibility for you to have brunch if even only for 30 minutes, go for it! It’s a lovely way to catch up with your friends and relax your body a little.


Baking is definitely a weekend activity. But why not try and bake a lovely banana bread or chocolate brownies on Wednesday evening? Nothing a nice homemade treat can’t fix, especially if it’s a desperate need for the weekend. I usually opt to bake the recipes that I know that will work out on work days, no need for even more stress in the evenings. It’s all about relaxing and tricking our brain into thinking that it’s a fine Saturday evening.

Never-Ending Weekend |

Cinema night

Who said that you can’t have a movie or cinema night on Tuesday? Nothing screams weekend more than a cosy movie night, well at least for me. So grab your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/relative/family member and head to the movies during your work week. Don’t opt for a midnight movie or you’ll feel too tired to work the next morning but a nice movie after dinner or even with a dinner could do wonders at making you feel all weekend-y. Is there even such word as weekend-y? Well, now it is.

SPA day at home

I mean, any excuse to have a spa day is a good excuse. Treat yourself after a long Monday by creating a mini spa studio at your own home. Have a long bubble bath, put on your special bathrobe, maybe put on a mask or other treatment and relax. Of course, you can have a real spa outing in the evening if you prefer but a homemade spa studio can be just as good if you do it right.

Some of the other activities that you can try:

  • Visit a museum or art studio
  • Go shopping
  • Have a game night (board games, Nintendo, PSP, you choose!)
  • Have a dinner picnic in the park
  • Dance to your favourite tunes
  • Take a long walk with someone
  • Coffee date with a friend you rarely see

How do you have a never-ending weekend?

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