5 reasons to have a motorhome holiday

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One way to beat the blues if you are currently in lockdown this spring is to think to the future, and start planning trips you can take once we are able to get out and about again. The most obvious choices are city breaks, road trips along seacoasts and expensive all-included holiday resorts. But if you’re in need of something more exciting and adventurous, I have an idea for you – a trip with a caravan or motorhome!

But before I get into more details about caravans and motorhomes themselves, let’s discuss the pros of having one. Here’re 5 reasons why you should try travelling with a caravan or motorhome!

You are more flexible

With a caravan you get flexibility and ease to travel anywhere and anytime you wish. Have you ever arrived at your travel destination and then realised that you don’t enjoy it, but you still have like 2 or 3 days left booked?

Well, with a caravan that’s not a problem! You can leave whenever you feel like it or you can stay longer in the same place if you want. There are no hotels, planes or other bookings that you need to rely on. You simply stop at a camping site on your way and stay there and leave for another one if you change your mind. Simple as that.

Camping at any location

Speaking of flexibility, if you travel with a caravan or motorhome, you can stop and camp at any location you desire (if laws allow!). Just imagine, you can wake up with a stunning view of mountains or even seaside if you wish.

That’s the true beauty of travelling with a caravan or motorhome.

Your trip is weather-proof

If I could count how many times my camping trip (with a tent) was cut short due to bad weather, I’d probably lose the count quite quickly. A caravan or motorhome means not waking up in the middle of the night due to harsh winds or suffering in the heat because it’s over 30 degrees Celsius outside.

Thanks to all the new technologies, newer caravans or motorhomes have heating and plenty of windows for ventilation that make travelling super easy and comfortable in any weather. You can have optimal sleeping conditions no matter the weather outside which is all we need to be honest, isn’t it?

Toilet on the go

I love road trips! In fact, I have a fair share of mine around Europe. But, man, does it suck when you get a sudden urge to go to the toilet but there’s nothing, let alone a gas station, in sight for at least 50km.

But if you’re travelling with a caravan or motorhome, there is no hassle to always be on a lookout for a toilet as your vehicle comes equipped with its own bathroom. Plus, you can also save some money as well by not paying an additional price for the toilet in public places.

It’s like travelling with your tiny home

It is! You don’t have to pack or unpack after each stop because all your things are neatly placed in the caravan or motorhome’s cupboards. You have all the utilities you need: fully equipped kitchen, full fridge, comfortable bed, electricity and storage for all your entertainment and maybe even a bathroom or washroom!

Plus, you have some additional space for those beach chairs, a kite or any other equipment or storage you need for your perfect summer holiday. It’s like travelling with your house, just much smaller in size.

Feeling inspired?

These are just a few reasons why a caravan holiday is a great choice for a holiday or short trip. The list of benefits is endless and there’s no doubt once we are able to start exploring new places and meeting new people again, you’ll be hooked too.

So, if you are now wondering where would be a good place to start your research, I have a few tips for you.

There are many brands and manufacturers that sell caravans and motorhomes and one of them is Bailey of Bristol which is one of the UK’s leading caravan manufacturers. Once you begin your research, the name of Bailey is definitely going to pop up in your search results at least a few times.

So, what makes Bailey so special?

Well, first, the current range of their caravans is built with Alu-Tech construction which is an advanced bodyshell construction. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, think of a strong aluminium framework that clamps the body panels together and makes it more robust and durable. If you don’t believe me, check out a video of a trial of strength which Bailey did to show how advanced Alu-Tech is.

So where to get your caravan or motorhome from? In the current situation, it’s obviously not the time to be visiting retailers, but there’s nothing to stop you from dreaming and planning about the sort of leisure vehicle that might suit you when the time comes. One of these places, if you are in Scotland, is Dyce Caravans in Aberdeen. They stock Bailey caravans and motorhomes alongside other well-known brands such as Swift, Coachman and Elddis

The good thing about Dyce Caravans is that they sell both new and pre-owned Bailey of Bristol caravans. This way you can get your hands on a good quality caravan based on your budget (and that’s what we love to see here!).

Fun fact: at the moment Dyce Caravan has an exclusive limited-edition Bailey model which you might want to check out as well – the Phoenix Xtreme. So, if you’re now intrigued about a caravan holiday, make the most of our current downtime and start your caravan research now. Then you’ll be ready when we can start exploring the great outdoors again with ideas of the caravan or motorhome that’s right for you.

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