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I recently did a blogs’ love post where I shared my favourite blogs. And today I made a list of YouTubers / YouTube channels that I enjoy watching. Be prepared, there are few very well known ones, but there also are few you might have never heard of. Let me know if you have watched these and what are your favourite channels! I’d love to find new ones to watch.


SACCONEJOLYs | It became like a routine for me to watch the newest vlog of this family before going to sleep. I can not explain to you how amazing and adorable this Irish family is. I am sure you have heard of them, if not you should check them out like right now! It’s channel that follows the life of Jonathan, Anna, Emilia and Eduardo and six dogs.

Robowecop | I started watching Rhianna’s weekly vlogs a few weeks ago and I’m loving them. She is a UK based lifestyle and beauty blogger. Her vlogs are very laid back and kind of simple, but being the nosy person I am I find them very fun and interesting to watch. 

SuperwomanVlogs | You probably already know how much I adore Lilly, so watching her vlogs is something I enjoy too. I watched every single one of her vlogs and they are not only entertaining to watch but very motivation and inspiring too. 


SarahClose1 | Sarah is one talented lady and makes very beautiful covers. I am very excited about her original songs that she is planning to release soon. I can only imagine how good those will be. So, if you are looking for a new talent, take a look at her channel!

Conor Maynard | I love Conor’s original songs and I’m very happy he got into YouTube recently. He does amazing covers and I can’t get enough of his beautiful vocals. Even if you didn’t like his original music, I would highly suggest giving his covers a go.


IISuperwomanII | Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Jokes aside, I will forever support this girl for her hard work and wonderful personality. She never fails to make me laugh and makes incredible skits, reaction videos and motivational works.

ThatcherJoe | This guy is like an epitome of hilarious. He is also very creative and comes up with the most amazing challenge videos. I loved Joe’s prank videos on his roommate while they lasted. He’s just really funny! And that’s why I love his videos so much.

Zoella | Who doesn’t know her? She’s a very stunning, young and amazing lady. I love Zoe’s makeup tutorials (even if she doesn’t like to call them like that) and haul videos. I especially enjoyed her Christmas themed 24 days of Zoella videos. 

What YouTubers or YouTube channels do you watch?

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