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Today, I decided to write kind of an update post about my recent life. I haven’t done this kind of post simply because I didn’t feel the need to. There were no major events or things that I needed to actually share with you all. But now, I think, the time has come. During these 4 months of blogging I wrote lots of travel, favourites and other fun posts, but never did I wrote a post about how I feel and what kind of decisions I need to make. But let’s not get a head of us and start with basic ones. 

From the 5th of September started EuroBasket2015. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s Europe’s men basketball championship. And my country is taking a part in it as well. I can proudly say that my country adores basketball and simply lives for it. Our national team has been one from the strongest teams in the world. I will be watching all games from this championship and cheering for my team. I am sorry in advance for my basketball-related tweets on twitter ( follow me if you haven’t already! All updates are there 🙂 @TheNerdyMeBlog). I can not help it, basketball is a holy thing for us, Lithuanians. 

Asides from cheering for my team, I will be studying hard this year. This is my last year in school and exams are waiting for me. I need to step up my game and focus all my attention for my education. That’s why I may start lacking in blogging around winter or spring. Please, know that I am not lacking just because I got bored of blogging or am tired. It will only happen because I simply need to give all attention to school. For an order to pass my exams (and I am not talking about just passing, I am aiming for high score results) I will need to read a lot, do a lot of practising, problems solving and much more. I will probably go for national Lithuanian, national history, national English, national math exams. And believe me, this isn’t a simple task. I am not good at history, so trying to pass an exam and do it with high marks will be a frustrating and hard journey. 

Just 9 months later I will graduate. And it comes with a difficult decision. Where do I study? What do I study? Who I want to be? And I know that a lot of you have gone through this and know how frustrating it is. I thought that during this summer I would make up my mind and get an idea of who I want to be. Sadly, it didn’t happen. I am still as clueless as I was and even more stressed. I simply have no idea of who I am and what would I like to do for a living (apparently travelling isn’t an option). 

Just in 4 months, I will officially become an adult. And this is crazy. I can not believe how fast time flies. And with adulthood comes all the stress. Job searching, bills, rents and all those headache making things. I wish that I could stay a kid forever. And with all these things going around in my life, I need to stay positive and not let stress win over me. I hope you will be also understanding for my case this year. It will be a very hard year for me, us, but I hope we can get through this. Please, don’t loose faith in me and my blog. I want to thank all of you, who read and actually enjoy my blog. I do love writing it and sharing my weird life with you 🙂 


How did you find your path? Are you happy with it?

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