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Today I decided to post something different. I always wondered what people eat, how they eat and how much (I sound like some sort of psycho, I swear I am not!). It just a weird interest of mine. So, today I decided to write about what I ate in my whole day (for all those who are weird as me)

All day I’ve been taking pictures of my meals and writing down everything what I ate. So without other due, let’s get to it!


I started the day with my green smoothie. Everyday for about half an year I’ve been drinking smoothies and I am loving them! Today I made one from blackberries, banana, apple, spinach and avocado. If you want a detailed blog post about how I make them – let me know and I will!

After my smoothie which is quite filling, I had my small yoghurt dose. This time I had vanilla flavoured one with linseed. It’s veeeery delicious! Also, after my yoghurt, I took an apple to go with me, so when I will want something to snack on, I would have it.


Today I decided to make chicken fillet with fresh vegetables. I cut tomatoes, cucumber, Chinese lettuce and radishes. I didn’t use any kind of dressing as I am trying to clear my skin a bit (dressing has too much fat and it causes oiliness).  I also toasted a piece of bread to go along with it. And also let’s not forget a glass of water (drink water, it’s important!). It was not only delicious but also very filling and quite healthy 🙂


I usually tend to stick with a small dinner meal.You will not see me eating stake or something like that for dinner for sure! So, today I got a nice cup of apple and cinnamon flavoured tea (THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!) and two sides of hot sandwiches. They are with ham, lots of cheese and tomato. Yummy.

That’s all. That’s all I ate today. Plus I drank a lot of water through out the day because you have to stay hydrated, don’t you? 

What did you eat today? Are you a healthy eater or not? Have you tried smoothies, if so what kind?

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