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The weather here, where I live, is quite a challenge. One day it’s hot (really really hot), next it’s raining like it’s a freaking jungle land and day after that it’s about -10 degrees Celsius (I kid you not). I swear you can live through all seasons in one week in my country, it’s crazy!

But today the weather decided to be pretty good, it wasn’t anything amazing but the sun shone, wind was light and temperature wasn’t so bad (about 17 degrees Celsius and that’s damn fiiine). 

All in all, the day was nice and quite good, I’d say (well, if we look past the fact that I had history, biology tests). Watched few YouTube videos (what I meant is loooooads). Ate. The usual you know 🙂

But enough about this typical day. Tomorrow I have photography things to do and other small jobs. I may even upload a post beauty related. So, watch out! 

P.S. I have TVD (The Vampire Diaries – for those who have no clue what I am on about) episode to catch up, snap!

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