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If you are a new reader, welcome! If you have been with me from the start, hello again! I am back and I am back with a full force. Hopefully. As you can already see, I re-branded my blog and I am feeling way better about it. I went from the old and long to I was waiting for this change for months and finally I can say that I did it! I bought my own domain, I migrated from Blogger to WordPress, I went self-hosted and even got a professional theme! Come on, isn’t that quite an accomplishment?

Even through the look of The Nerdy Me changed, I decided to leave it as it is and don’t make any major changes content vice. From all the answers I got from the survey I made and asked you to participate, I realised that you seem to be loving my blog the way it is. Yeah, there were few suggestions and I did note them. That’s why I left beauty and fashion categories. I may not enjoy them the most and may not post very much but I do like to brag about a good lipstick or my newest fashion staple once in a while. I’m a girl, sue me.

Anyyyyyways. Let’s talk a little bit about blog layout. I added START HERE page which is still a bit under construction and I am planning on making it a bit longer and more fun. Basically, it’s like an intro for new readers, so they could get a picture of who I am, what this blog is all about and what they will find here. Next thing I added was TRAVEL, LIFESTYLE and ENTERTAINMENT pages with subcategories that I think will be easier to browse around and find what you are looking for. Let me know if you like it this way. I kind of really do.

Also, you can find all of my lists, Weekly Finds and Motivspiration posts under SERIES in the menu section. That way you can access them easier and find them all in one place. This was actually one of my genius ideas I got last minute that I’m very proud of.

2016-07-16 12.28.03 1You will probably notice that DISCLAIMER and ADVERTISE pages are still under construction and they only have an annoying ‘coming soon…’ text. That’s because I had no time and power to finish writing them the night before the re-launch. I worked very hard for this re-launch and some things were left to do for the last minute because of all the migration process and so on. I was thinking of pulling an all-nighter to finish every single page and post I needed to but I thought against it in the end. I was feeling way too tired and it would of ended in a disaster and lots of grammar mistakes. I hope you do understand and will wait a little bit till I sort everything out.

Speaking of, some of the posts may be a bit off with the alignment or photos can be doubled, so please do know that I am aware of it and I am doing my best to fix everything but nothing will happen in one night. It’s the whole process here. Plus I am still learning how to work with WordPress and how to even self-host this blog. It’s a whole new world for me and all those who once did the same change I did know this.

I can only wish that you will enjoy the new TNM and all of this will be worth it. There were a lot of money, time, energy and nerves put into this re-launch and I do hope that they won’t be put to waste. So, let me know what you think! Are you liking this new look? Do you see something I could change or make better?

Just before I go, I want to thank you again for sticking with me through this kind of not so short break and being loyal readers I know you are. Special thanks to Celeste, May, Mira, Sara, Marc and many others who always showed their huge support for me and didn’t fail to make me smile with their wonderful messages, tweets or comments. Let’s not forget Phil from Pipdig company who was so helpful and incredibly good to work with during my whole migration and setting up process. I will most likely do a migration post about the technical side of blogging soon and will try to answer all of your questions if you have any.

And I think that’s all for now. If I missed anything you were dying to know, let me know as always! You can find me on all social medias and you can even write me an e-mail if you wish! I had people e-mailing me for questions, help or anything they need me for and I always happily reply and try to be that person who somehow helps if needed. So, don’t hesitate, I don’t bite. Now I think that I already rambled enough on this post. See you on Wednesday!

What do you think of the new TNM?

Is there anything you want to change?

Any suggestions?


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