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Today I decided to share with you all a little about myself. I think it’s really important to share few more personal things with your readers, that way we get to bond more. And all I wish for me and you, my readers, to have a close relationship. I guess, I want you to be my real friends? (Is that weird to say? Well, I don’t really give an eff, because I really want that). Anyways, back to the point of this post. I am going to share with you weird facts about me. I mean, I may not find them weird, but people really do find some of them weird when they get to know me. Here you go, folks, facts that people find weird about me!

1. I hate heartbeat sounds. They give me creeps. I can not stand a sound of a beating heart, it’s just too frightening for me. So no hugging with my head pressed to someone’s chest for sure!

2. Although I am not a fan of horror movies (I am a scaredy cat, sue me!), I absolutely adore horror/humor tv shows. I don’t know what it is, but I adore watching creepy, killers and murders filled tv shows. American Horror Story is one of those shows that I just live for.

3. I haven’t watched The Notebook and only watched Titanic one time. I know, I know, how could I?! It’s just that I am not into that romantic kind of dramas. I mean, I can watch them, but they are kind of meh for me. And that’s one of the reasons why my friends think I am weird as heck.

4. I listen to every kind of music. From rap to reggae. And some people find weird it because I apparently don’t strike as that type of girl. I am calm, more stay to myself kind of girl in school, so people think I listen to only pop or some classic (really?). Few weeks ago I freaking left my classmate awe stuck with my knowledge in music. He played songs and we had to guess who sang and what song. The moment I said Drake and Hot Red Chilli Peppers he started looking at me like at an alien. Well, at least, I proved my point which is DO NOT STEREOTYPE PEOPLE!

5. Since the fourth fact was so long, I will make this one short. I never went through THAT teenage phrase (the one with ignoring parents, being angry at the whole world?).

6. I absolutely hate those people in events who a dressed up as weird objects, animals or talismans (walking pizza, cat, dinosaur and etc.). You know those large costumes they have? And those creepy smiles? The ones who go up to little kids and try to be funny? Well, news flash! You are not funny to me. You give me creeps and all I want to do when I see one is to kick them till they fall and can’t get up. I don’t care if this sounds too violent, they really scared me to death in childhood. They are like clowns or doll faces to some people for me.

7. I brush my teeth before eating breakfast. Why is that so weird? EXPLAIN TO ME, WORLD!

8. I used to dance in hip-hop and house kind of crew for 3 years. Given my status in school – calm, probably huge nerd and total book-worm –  it was the weirdest things people have ever heard.

9. I suck at cooking or baking from recipes, it usually turns out horrible and inedible. However, when I improvise and cook/bake whatever comes to my mind and whatever I have near me, it turns out freaking amazing! The only downside, I can never cook the same again. Simply because I don’t know how much or what I even put together to make it!

10. I don’t like winter. I don’t like the cold weather, freezing cold weather might I add. I don’t even care that my birthday, Christmas and New Years are in winter (those celebrations are the only things I like about winter). I just don’t like it. 

11. I buy big t-shirts from Men’s section sometimes. Don’t tell me I am the only one who does that? I just find them so big and comfortable to sleep in or just stroll around in my house.

12. I faint a lot. My doctor said it’s because I am very sensitive and this is my reaction to some extreme situations. I once fainted when I saw a mite on my stomach. Good thing my mother was near me, so she caught me and I didn’t end up with a major head concussion from the fall on the hard ground.

13. I can’t stand the sign of blood. I just don’t do well with blood at all. My head usually starts spinning and sometimes I just faint. I am not a good person to be around if you get into an accident. Simply because I would probably faint before you even tell me to dial 911. 

And I think that’s all. For now at least. I think there are way more weird things about me, but now I just can’t think of them (or I just think they are completely normal even tho they probably aren’t). Hopefully, I didn’t scare you away. Or did I? Anyways, I hope you liked getting to know about my weird self 🙂

Do you find these facts weird? What do others find weird about you?

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