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It’s been a while since I wrote the last weekly finds post on TNM. But I have discovered so many awesome and interesting links, articles and videos this week that I simply couldn’t resist sharing with you all.

These seven travel hacks just might save your trip.

Beatrice is sharing 8 books for self-development, inspiration and a little bit of motivation.

Watch this short video on why experiences are better than things.

This article talks about 4 ways you can increase your sustainability this spring.

I absolutely loved this article about being an introvert and still succeeding in life and especially business.

Also, this week I had a pleasure of watching an amazing live event organised by The New York Times which was created for college students and exploration of some the most popular and timely issues the students face today.

One of the more exciting interviews was with Alexis Ohanian who a co-founder of Reddit, bestselling author and all around an awesome business person. He shared his opinion about what it takes to build a business and artificial intelligence, technology which are starting to play a huge role in the business world.

The event was around one hour long but it was so interesting to listen to Alexis speak about the topic that it felt like it only took 15 minutes instead of an hour. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the event, you can check it out on Get With The Times event website here.

What have you been reading, watching this week?

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