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Having a headache while trying to write a post is not fun.

I started to write this post and few minutes in a slight headache starts to annoy me and make my blogging work harder. I would really appreciate if it would go away and like never come back. Thank you in advance.


I have gathered only a few links for you from this week. But I can promise you a lot of advice and wanderlust. So let’s start before I go mad because of this little head bugger.

If you are having trouble taking photos or just want to improve your photography in general, Kateidoscope has a lot of tips for you! Caterina recently aired a post on how to improve your blog photography when shooting outdoors and it’s so helpful. Especially for me who has no idea how to do it when it comes to outfit shots and all that unfamiliar zone. So go on, check it out HERE and let’s learn together.

Speaking of photography, I found a bit old but good post from a blog called Live Snap Love full with photography project ideas. I’ve been meaning to try some projects to improve my not so ideal photography skills and what better way to do it than trying out some challenges or projects? Am I right or am I right. Take a look HERE and let me know what photography projects you will be trying in the future! I’m very tempted by A Day in The Life and One Month, One Lens.

Moving on to another blogging related article. This one is one of those relatable lists that we all nod along and can’t help but scream ‘PREACH IT!’ or ‘YAS!’ at the end. One of my favourite blogs, A Rose in Bloom, wrote 7 Common Writing Problems Only Bloggers Will Understand. I cannot explain to you how right she is and how common these problems actually are. Read the post HERE and let me know if you agree as well and what problems from that list you get most of the time. I know you’ll be able to relate at least with one problem.

I recently found out about The Blonde Abroad and I am literally in love! This girl is living the dream life and she has so many amazing tips to teach about travelling. Especially solo travelling since I’ve been meaning to try it for so long. I’ve been scrolling through this blog non-stop and I can’t recommend it enough if you need a good travel blog to read or just some tips for solo travelling. She has it all, so head over HERE and be filled with wanderlust.

I’ve been pinning lots of home decor ideas on Pinterest this week as well. You could follow me there if you want, you know. I have lots of boards on there from blogger tips to fashion and room decor. Anyways, I made a little inspiration board for this weeks finds that I hope will give you some inspiration if you are planning on moving or redecorating your room. You can find all of these pins on my Interior Ideas board or you can click HERE.

LIFE UPDATE: To say I’m tired of all this job experience is an understatement. I get home tired and annoyed and all I want to do is sleep. Every single day. But I started thinking of this job as a great opportunity to earn some money. I realised that I’ll be thanking my past self for having a job and saving up that money. I need a new laptop. This one is so old and takes forever to load, I’m not even talking about photo or video editing programs… So, whenever I’ll feel like giving up, I’ll remind myself that I have a goal and I shall reach it.

But not all is bad and tiring in my life. I’m going to a festival this Friday and I couldn’t be more excited right now.  It’s going to be my first ever music festival that I’ll attend and one thing to cross off my bucket list. Plus it will involve camping for three days with my best friends. What more could I ask for?

Now let’s talk about blog related things a bit. I’m planning on doing a big change/update on The Nerdy Me and was wondering if you could recommend any good blog themes/templates stores? I already have Pipdig and Kotryna Bass on my list and I am looking for even more options. Also, I created a little survey for you, my dear readers, and I would love to if you could fill it out and help me decide how the future of The Nerdy Me will look like. Click HERE to answer 10 simple questions and have a say on how The Nerdy Me should look like. It will only take 5-10 minutes or even less if you type fast!

Where did you get your design?

What photography projects will you be trying?

What travel blogs you love?

Will you help me out and fill this survey?


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