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The heat wave is back and I’m not so happy about that. I am basically melting every day in my job and it takes all of my energy away. I was fine and content with 23 degrees, thank you very much. 30 is too much. Too much. Anyways, let’s talk about finds themselves since I am sure that you aren’t interested in my and heat’s relationship problems.

This week I read a lot of posts about blogging and have few favorites that I wanted to share with you. First of all, Reflection of Sanity and Anjelique did a collab and wrote two posts filled with advice for new bloggers. From social media to the content, they got it all covered. So, if you are thinking of starting a blog or just want to hear more tips, head over to their blogs by clicking here and here. Won’t be disappointed!

Next post I found useful and worth sharing was by the fellow Lithuanian – that I’m sure you all know already – Kotryna Bass. She wrote 30 lifestyle blog post ideas and they are actually quite original and wonderful to use if you are having a hard time thinking of something. Read it here and note few or all of them for the future reference!

And that’s it for blogging resources, now let’s talk about entertaining and fun links. The first thing that comes to my mind is the article I read on Career Girl Daily about 10 things we would love to tell to our younger idiot self. It’s super entertaining and made me giggle a lot, so give it a read here if you are looking for something relatable and easy to read.

Speaking of a younger self, I watched a video a few days ago by Humble The Poet called “If you could go back in time, what would you change?”. It’s so freaking good and inspirational! I don’t want to give out too much about it so that you could experience it yourself but let’s say that Humble gives you a different view about people’s desire to tell their younger self something or teach them. Very inspiring as I said and must watch for sure. I swear those 6 minutes will run too fast and you will not be wasting them, you’ll learn and take something good from it. Trust me. Watch it and become a fan of Humble who is not only the sweetest, inspirational and wise man but talented as well.

Since I’ve finished school and officially started to be an adult, I’ve been struggling with few things and been failing at being a responsible non-child. That’s why posts and articles and basically everything related with how to adult has been read or watched by me. Recently Lindsey Elyse shared a crash course on how to adult and I freaking loved it! It’s short, fun and helpful as well. If you are struggling with being a real adult, definitely give this course a go here.

Tv shows and movies might be one of the reasons why I suck at being an adult. And if you know me, you’ll know that I am obsessed with them. I found a list of 4 movies that you need to watch if you are into light-hearted and realistic movies. I haven’t seen a single one of the list, so I am going to have a movie marathon soon. If you want to find new movies to watch, check this list here. And what’s a movie marathon without snacks? This mango milkshake sounds super easy and quick to make. And how delicious does it look?! I love everything mango related, so if you have any recipes that involve mango, hit me up!

And lastly but not the least, I might be late to this but just this week I found out about 101 things in 1001 days challenge or what should I call this whole process? If you are like me and have no idea that it is, it’s basically a list of 101 things that you need to think of, write down and try to tick off all of them in 1001 days. That’s more than 2 and a half years for a list of things to achieve. I really love the idea of this and since reading Eline’s Return Ticket list, I’ve been thinking of creating a list and giving this challenge a go. You can read it by clicking here. What do you think? Is it something you would want to try or is it just an another challenge that won’t be completed?

LIFE UPDATE: As always, I am tired and bothered from all this heat as I mentioned in the beginning of this post. Work has been going okay and I got used to it after all this time. My co-worker will go on holiday for two weeks from Monday and I’ll need to work with another one that I’m not so excited about. But I’ll need to suck it up and be a responsible and good worker. How ironic.

Next thing that I am actually super excited about is that I might attend a huge 3 days music festival here in Lithuania! It’s quite popular here and everyone I know is going, so fingers crossed that I’ll manage to go too. Lost Frequencies, Frans, Jess Glynne are only a few of artist that will be playing there. I really really want to go there.

What do you think about 101 things in 1001 days? Will you give it a go?

Have you attended a music festival already?

How do you adult?


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