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It’s 10 p.m. and I should be really sleeping but instead I am writing this post because I cannot afford to miss another one.

Hi, everyone! I hope you had an amazing weekend and a great start of the week. I am very happy that you enjoyed my latest post which was all about the importance of learning from successful people. You can read it here if you haven’t already.

Speaking of learning, I found a very useful and great post with writing tips and resources for those who want to become writers or enjoy writing in general. Sara shared a lot of amazing tips and tricks and I just couldn’t exclude her post in my Weekly Finds. So take a look here and find out all about that writing!

Another post related to books that I found and loved this week is going to teach you How To Make Time For Reading When You Really Don’t Have Any. I am going to be honest with you, I usually don’t like this kind of posts because all of them say ‘just clear out your schedule for a read’ and I already know that. I want to know how to clear it if I basically have no space for clearing. You know? So I really liked this post because it shared a short but very genuine tip that I am sure everyone will use and will find helpful. Give it a read here if you are struggling with making time for books like me.

Moving on to blogging related posts, I was amazed when I read recent Anne Smiles post about blog content and promotion. She shared a tool that makes blogging so much easier and better. You will have to give this post a read to find out what it is and why it’s so amazing. Trust me, you need it in your life.

And lastly but not the least, the one and only Vaida from Don’t Tell Anyone shared another great and short workout to make you lift your butt quickly. She’s my go-to blogger when it comes to fitness, workouts and all that jazz, so don’t be shy, go and say hi! Well, that rhymed. No, seriously. If you want good and effective workout, visit DTA blog and you will for sure find something for you 🙂

Now on to more visual things! I hope you didn’t forget about videos part in these series because I have one for you that I am sure you’ll enjoy lots. If you didn’t know already, The Rock a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson decided to run a YouTube channel and his first video went live this Monday. And let me tell you that it is the bomb! I had a great laugh and enjoyed it way too much. Basically, the whole video is about this YouTube Factory where YouTubers make videos. And Lilly Singh (Superwoman) showed The Rock around it. Let’s just say that Dwayne’s commentary is legendary and Lilly is always smashing it with her personality. Go on, watch it and let me know what you think!

I also was a bit obsessed with an online shop that I found a while ago. It’s Lithuanian brand called Wake Me Not that makes feminine, minimalistic and very stylish sleepwear, mostly sleeping shirts that are oh so droll worthy. I am not going to lie, it is on a pricey side but the quality and the design is so worth it in my opinion. Thinking of buying a lot from this shop. You can take a look at their Instagram or a website for photos and more details. But I warn you, you will WANT to get something from them, haha! Plus they ship worldwide.

Also, I’ve been loving two Instagram accounts lately that I felt the need to rave about a bit. The first one @paperboyo which is Rich McCor who travels around the world and takes amazing photos. But he adds paper cuts to every single one of them to make them more fun and interesting. You have to check out his Instagram to understand what I want to say. You will have no regrets!

And the next Instagram account I have been loving is @dtlsuvi. It’s run by a blogger I believe who is a traveller as well. She and her boyfriend did a trip around Europe recently through mountains and all of their photos are stunning! It’s a perfect account if you are in love with travels and hiking. Give it a go and your wanderlust will be kept alive!

LIFE UPDATE: I am so disorganised and I am complaining all the damn time about it and I am sorry if you are tired of hearing it and I am aware that I am making the longest sentence right now that doesn’t even make sense probably but I am so disorganised. Jokes aside, I am trying my best to stay on top with my blog but it isn’t easy. I literally should be sleeping right now but I want to finish this post for tomorrow (today as you are reading it) and I still need to schedule tweets as well. I’ll be tired af tomorrow (again, today) for sure. But it’s all worth it.

On the good side, I have a new cousin!!! On the 19th of July, the Earth was graced with a baby whose name is still not decided. Or nobody told me. That would be rude. Anyways, I am super excited about this and can’t wait to see him.

How’s your week?

What Instagram accounts are you loving?


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