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Another week has flown and I am ecstatic to say that I AM FINISHED WITH EXAMS!

I’ll start with very useful links for my readers who are bloggers as well. I found quite good tips on how to take blogging photography to a next level without using a DSLR! Now I know that not all of us can afford a good DSLR and I am one of them. I am actually saving for it but till then I’ll need to work with what I got, so read here how to do it.

Next photography related trick I want to learn to do is Starburst. For those who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, it’s all about those bursting light shapes that all Instagram feed seems to be filled with. I found a guide on how to do in the easiest way and I am loving how the photos turned out for A Rose in Bloom. I am going to try this technique over the summer. Will you?

In my last post, I shared the update on my personal and blog goals that I set for 2016. Now only setting goals isn’t going to do the trick, but you can do something in order to reach them. 365 Affairs shared 7 habits that we need quit to reach our goals and I am loving it! If you are struggling with completing your goals, read here and find out if you need to eliminate few habits out of your routine to start seeing a progress.

Also, a lot of us have been dealing with exams, finals and what not. And we all know what that equals stress. Happy Curious Life has a very good post about stress and how we can minimize it in our life. Give it a read if you feel like stress is becoming too much for you. There are few great tips that actually will do the trick.

Since the weather has been getting warmer and warmer, lots of us are about to go on vacation or plan to get a tan while lying on the beach. However, we need to remember that the sun can be not only a friend but an enemy of us too. Linda Libra Loca made a great post with a video about sunscreen. She explained the damage that the sun can cause and why it is important to use sunscreen. Also, few great tips were thrown in too! So, don’t hesitate, take a look and learn more about this topic.

And I hope you didn’t think that I will leave this post video-less? I have a video that I absolutely loved and enjoyed watching this week from one of my favourite YouTubers. No, it’s not iiSuperwomanii. But don’t think that I didn’t want to include every single video she made this week in this post. You may remember Sarah Close from my favourite YouTube Channels post. She’s a singer and songwriter that does amazing covers on Youtube, but asides from that she likes to make these short videos about her trips. This time, she went to Berlin and made a beautiful 71 seconds length video. Take a look yourself!

LIFE UPDATE: As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I am finished with all of my exams and I couldn’t be happier. I am so done with them, you have no idea. Now I only need to wait for results and see if I get into the uni I want to get in. I will know English results on the 20th of June and the rest of exams results will be known on 4th of July. Fingers crossed I didn’t do very bad! Moving on, I HAVE A JOB! Yes, I managed to get a job at a company for the summer and I’m super excited to start earning a bit and save up more for a new laptop and DSLR.

I mentioned on Twitter that I am in need of a vacation after all this learning. Actually, tomorrow in the morning I am going on a little trip with my best friends to the seaside for two days. The only thing is that the weather decided to be kind of crap this past week… Anyways, I will get back from this little trip on a Friday evening and on a Saturday morning I go off to Tatra mountains in Poland. I will visit Warsaw and few other cities in there too. I am super excited about this!

But that means that I won’t be able to post regularly and keep up with blogging since I am not sure if I’ll have a good internet connection and, most importantly, time. So, I made a decision to take a break. 

Yes, I am taking a break from blogging and from everything actually. I feel exhausted and tired. And I really need this vacation to just relax and take it easy after very stressful year. I will try to update you all on my social media about my trip and I’ll take lots of photos for sure! I hope that you will understand. So, I guess that’s it. I’ll see you on the 29th of June

Do you like to tan a lot? What are your summer plans?

Will you miss me?

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